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Iran's Nuke Centrifuges Getting Massive Upgrade

New generation plants to process uranium 5 times faster

(Newser) - Iran insists its uranium enrichment program is just for peaceful purposes—and now it is poised to start making a lot more of it. Tehran plans on mounting as many as 3,132 new-generation, IR-2m centrifuges; the machines are capable of enriching uranium five times faster than its current equipment,... More »

New Cyberattack on Iran Plays AC/DC

Virus hits Natanz nuclear site

(Newser) - Cyberwarfare has taken a turn for the awesome. A man claiming to be an Iranian nuclear scientist sent a letter to the security research group D-Secure yesterday saying that the country's Natanz facility had been hit with possibly the most rocking cyberattack in history, Geek-O-System reports. "The automation... More »

Obama Ordered Stepped-Up Cyberattacks on Iran

He boosted program started by Bush, 'NYT' finds

(Newser) - President Obama inherited a third war from the Bush administration, and he has stepped it up significantly, the New York Times finds in a detailed look at American cyberattacks on Iran's nuclear program, based on 18 months of interviews with dozens of insiders. The program—America's first sustained... More »

Israel, Iran Terrorists Are Killing Scientists: Officials

Mossad funding, training People’s Mujahedin of Iran, sources confirm

(Newser) - As Iran has long claimed, Israel is indeed behind the assassinations of Iranian nuclear scientists, providing financing, training, and weapons to the Iranian terrorist group that carries out the attacks, US officials confirm to NBC News . Five Iranian nuclear scientists have been killed since 2007, reportedly by the People’s... More »

Car Bomb Kills Iranian Nuke Expert

Israel suspected in hit on Mostafa Ahmadi Roshan

(Newser) - Yet another Iranian nuclear scientist has been murdered, this time after two assassins on a motorcycle attached a magnetic bomb to the 32-year-old chemistry expert's car. The death of Mostafa Ahmadi Roshan comes almost exactly two years to the day since another nuclear professor was killed. Roshan, a... More »

Iran Recovered Quickly From Stuxnet Sabotage

It caused barely a dent in uranium enrichment: Report

(Newser) - The mysterious Stuxnet worm attack on Iranian nuclear centrifuges was devastatingly effective—until the centrifuges it destroyed were quickly replaced, the Washington Post reports. UN cameras recorded cartloads of equipment being removed after they were rendered useless by the cyber-weapon—more than 900 centrifuges are thought have been destroyed—but... More »

Iran Kicks Off 5 Days of War Games

Drill meant to boost air defense of nuclear facilities

(Newser) - Iran today begins large-scale air defense war games aimed at protecting the country's nuclear facilities, state television reports, adding that the five-day drill will cover a third of the country, including regions that are home to Iran's nuclear facilities. The drill involves both Iran's elite Revolutionary Guard, the paramilitary Basij... More »

Iran Poised to Create Nuke Next Year

Country mastered warhead deployment in 2003: Times of London

(Newser) - Iran has the capability to build a nuclear weapon within a year, and has either started to do so or is waiting for the go-ahead from Ayatollah Khamenei, sources tell the Times of London. The 2007 US National Intelligence Estimate that reported that Iran had halted nuclear research in 2003... More »

Iran Nears Nuke Breakthrough

Iran could have nuclear weapon by 2010

(Newser) - Iran may be mere months away from amassing enough low-enriched uranium to begin the next step in developing nuclear weapons, reports the Daily Telegraph. If the regime overcomes certain technical hurdles and further enriches its uranium to weapons grade, it could potentially develop a nuclear warhead by next year, reports... More »

Bush Blocked Israeli Strike on Iran, OK'd Covert Ops

President refused requests for missiles, but began covert sabotage missions

(Newser) - Washington stopped Israel from bombing Iran last year and told the Jewish state of covert plans to undermine Iran's nuclear ambitions, the New York Times reports. Israel asked President Bush to aid the strike with bunker-busting bombs and a free pass over Iraqi air space, which he refused—but he... More »

Is US Preparing Iran Air Strikes?

White House asks for bunker-buster funding

(Newser) - A recent White House funding request has heightened speculation that the US is preparing air strikes on Iran's nuclear facilities, reports ABC News. The Bush administration has asked for $88 million in emergency funds to modify B-2 stealth bombers so they can carry 30,000 "bunker buster" bombs to... More »

Iran Boasts of Nuke Potential

Ahmadinejad claims 3,000 centrifuges, after UN praises its probe cooperation

(Newser) - Iran is operating 3,000 centrifuges in a bid to enrich uranium for its nuclear program, president Ahmadinejad said today, contradicting a UN report that listed far fewer. But the Iranian president praised the report by the UN nuclear watchdog, which said the country’s rate of enrichment activities had... More »

Cheney Pushing Bush Toward Military Option On Iran

Winning debate against Rice & Gates

(Newser) - Dick Cheney is winning a West Wing power struggle, pushing the president toward the threat of military action against Iran, the Guardian reports. After an internal review over the last month, Condoleezza Rice and Robert Gates favor continued diplomacy, but are said to be losing the argument. "Bush is... More »

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