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Happiest Cities Are Mostly in One State

8 of top 10 are in sunny California: WalletHub

(Newser) - Life in sunny California sure is sweet, according to WalletHub . Based on factors such as emotional and physical well-being and income and employment, the site has compiled a list of the happiest cities in the country—and ones in California dominate the upper ranks. The top 10, with "happiness... More »

The 5 Best, Worst US Cities for Veterans

Scottsdale is the place to be

(Newser) - Veterans in some Texas cities appear to be living a sweeter life than those in other parts of the country, according to WalletHub . The site gave cities a score out of 100, based on 21 factors of "veteran-friendliness," including the availability of VA services, veteran income, the veteran... More »

Drugs Were Found in Her Car. 'I Have an Enemy,' She Said

How a couple tried, failed to take down a PTA president

(Newser) - Things smelled off to Officer Charles Shaver from the outset. A 911 caller had reported a parent, "Kelli," driving erratically at Plaza Vista Elementary School in Irvine, Calif., on the afternoon of Feb. 16, 2011; the caller saw drugs in her car. As Christopher Goffard writes in "... More »

Parents Who Planted Drugs on PTA Prez Get $5.7M Lesson

Calif. couple tried to frame a woman they were feuding with

(Newser) - A Southern California couple has been ordered to pay $5.7 million in damages to the former PTA president they tried to frame by planting drugs in her car and calling the police (using a faux Indian accent). It took a jury less than an hour to find that Kent... More »

To Find America's Safest City, Look West

Irvine, California, has topped the FBI least-violent list for 8 years

(Newser) - Sixty-seven aggravated assaults, 11 rapes, 40 robberies, and two murders—but for a city of 214,872, that gives Irvine, Calif., the lowest crime rate in the United States for any city larger than 100,000, reports the Los Angeles Times . In fact, Irvine has been the safest US city... More »

Mosque Reports Scary FBI Mole to ... FBI

Mosque spy revelations trigger major new breach between feds and Us Muslims

(Newser) - A member of a California mosque was so ardently promoting jihad against the US that frightened Muslim officials obtained a restraining order against him—and reported him to the FBI. The only problem? He was an FBI mole out to get the goods on any terrorists who were lurking in... More »

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