Elizabeth Edwards dying

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Elizabeth Edwards Taught Us Something New About Cancer

...what it means to be a 'non-survivor'

(Newser) - Even in the brief final days of her life, Elizabeth Edwards—a woman whose public battle with cancer provided so many "educational moments"—continued to teach us a precious lesson, writes Dr. Barron Lerner for the New York Times : "What it means to be a cancer 'non-survivor.... More »

Here Come Pundits Pretending They Loved Elizabeth Edwards

Mark Halperin is surely just the first of many to phonily eulogize her

(Newser) - Now that Elizabeth Edwards has died, it's time for the "DC establishment types who hated her when she was alive to pretend they admired and liked her," predicts Max Read on Gawker . Edwards wasn't popular among the DC pundits, and even if she was a "difficult" person,... More »

Elizabeth Edwards Isn't 'Losing a Battle'

Tired cliche does a disservice to those with cancer, writes Mary Elizabeth Williams

(Newser) - News that Elizabeth Edwards is stopping cancer treatment has led to the usual cliche about how she's losing her battle with the disease, writes Mary Elizabeth Williams. Please skip this "tired metaphor," writes Williams, herself diagnosed with malignant melanoma. It "reduces the experience of cancer to one... More »

John Edwards Moves Home to Be by Elizabeth's Side

She's been given just weeks to live

(Newser) - As Elizabeth Edwards' friends and family gather at her side as her cancer spreads, a little clarification on who that group includes: The News & Observer reports that John Edwards has moved home to care for his estranged wife and their two young children during her final days. She has... More »

Elizabeth Edwards' Docs Halt Treatment, Give Weeks to Live

Cancer has spread to liver; she's home with family, friends

(Newser) - Elizabeth Edwards' cancer has spread to her liver, leading doctors to advise her that further treatment would be "unproductive," and give her a prognosis of weeks, or perhaps days, to live. "She is resting at home with family and friends," the Edwards family said in a... More »

5 Stories