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Accused Spy Killed and Eaten in Egypt

Don't worry—it was a stork

(Newser) - Remember that swan detained by cops in Egypt after being accused of spying ? Well, turns out it was a stork (some news reports at the time also called it a duck or a bird), and despite being found innocent, it has met a grizzly end. The story was almost... More »

Were 'Hobbit Humans' Eaten by Giant Storks?

Bones of tiny people found in gathering spot of 6-foot birds

(Newser) - The remains of hobbit-sized humans in a gathering area of extinct giant storks is leading scientists to conclude that man may have once been bird food. The carnivorous 6-foot-tall Leptoptilos robustus stork, among the largest bird to ever walk the earth, was likely a "ground-bound hunter, as its bones... More »

2 Stories