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Cops: Woman Killed on Amazon Trek After Ominous Warning

'I will be killed,' Emma Kelty had been told days earlier

(Newser) - As she traveled through Brazil's northern region on a mission to kayak the 4,000-mile length of the Amazon River, Emma Kelty repeated a warning from a Peruvian guide in tongue-and-cheek fashion. "I will have my boat stolen and I will be killed too," she tweeted . "... More »

Cops: Woman Took Paddle From Capsized Fiance

Angelika Graswald says she felt 'trapped' in relationship

(Newser) - It could have been a lifeline. But when Angelika Graswald sat in her own kayak watching her capsized fiance struggle in the cold waters of the Hudson River, police say she admitted choosing a different path. "I took his paddle when he was in the water," an investigator... More »

Cops: NY Woman Admitted Sabotaging Lover's Kayak

She was strangely calm after capsizing, officer testifies

(Newser) - The New York woman accused of murder in her fiance's kayaking death confessed to sabotage even before the body of Vincent Viafore was found, a police investigator testified at a pretrial hearing. Senior investigator Aniello Moscato told the hearing Monday that during a trip to lay a wreath for... More »

North Face Founder Dies in Kayaking Accident

Douglas Tompkins never stopped exploring

(Newser) - North Face founder Douglas Tompkins helped come up with the motto "Never Stop Exploring," and they were words he lived and died by. The 72-year-old died from hypothermia on Tuesday after his kayak capsized on General Carrera Lake in southern Chile, the BBC reports. Five other kayakers in... More »

Autopsy Suggests Dead Kayaker Was Murdered

Did medical examiner go too far in her findings?

(Newser) - A New York medical examiner says the April death of a kayaker in the Hudson River was "homicide" caused by the victim's "kayak drain plug [being] intentionally removed by other," the New York Times reports. But experts say the medical examiner may have gone too far—... More »

Body IDed as Missing Kayaker

Vincent Viafore went missing on Hudson River in April

(Newser) - The body of kayaker who went missing April 19 on the Hudson River, and whose fiancee stands charged with his murder , has been found. Forensic scientist Michael Archer tells NBC 4 the body found Saturday near the Cornwall Yacht Club has been "positively identified" as 46-year-old Vincent Viafore. Archer... More »

DA: Kayaker Watched Fiance Drown, 'Felt Good'

'Confession' was coerced, Graswald's lawyer says

(Newser) - In what Angelika Graswald's lawyer considers a suspiciously frank confession, prosecutors testified yesterday that she told investigators she tampered with her fiance's kayak and it "felt good knowing he was going to die." Assistant District Attorney Julie Mohl told a bail hearing that Graswald felt trapped... More »

Missing Guy's Fiancee: Cops Say I Sabotaged Kayak

Angelika Graswald is pushing to be released on bail

(Newser) - A judge in New York's Orange County will hear arguments today on whether 35-year-old murder suspect Angelika Graswald deserves bail, reports the Poughkeepsie Journal . She's accused of killing fiance Vincent Viafore, 46, while the two were kayaking on the Hudson River last month, though his body still hasn'... More »

Fiancee Charged With Murder of Missing Kayaker

Her tale of tragedy didn't add up, cops say

(Newser) - A murder mystery on the Hudson: Police in Orange County, NY, have charged a woman with the murder of the fiance she says vanished beneath the surface of the river when both their kayaks capsized April 19. A state police commander says Angelika Graswald, 35, initially seemed like a grieving... More »

Gorgeous Weather Turns Deadly for Kayakers

Group of 7 wasn't prepared for sudden storm; 2 perish

(Newser) - The weather was calm and "beautiful" when a group of kayakers set out paddling near Washington state's Dungeness Bay on Saturday, USA Today reports. Then, suddenly, as the church group of seven headed back from lunch at a lighthouse on Dungeness Spit, the wind picked up. "Within... More »

Great White Attacks 2 Kayakers Off Mass. Coast

'It was petrifying,' says one woman after shark flipped their boats

(Newser) - Two women are alive after a very close encounter with a great white shark last night. Ida Parker and Kristin Orr had taken their kayaks out off the coast of Plymouth, Mass., to look for seals when a shark approached, flipped them, and took one of the kayaks in its... More »

You Can Go Kayaking... on Your Las Vegas Trip

Or, if you'd rather, experience arts and culture downtown

(Newser) - If your weekend in Las Vegas left you a bit hungover and in need of healthier pursuits, good news: You can get picked up at your hotel and whisked 30 miles away to kayak the Colorado River on an overnight Black Canyon "float trip" near the Hoover Dam, the... More »

911 Dispatcher Sends Own Mom to Rescue Kayaker

Washington state mom kayaked to woman's rescue

(Newser) - A 911 dispatcher in Washington state who received a call about a stranded kayaker knew somebody who could get there faster than a patrol boat—her mom. Dispatcher Raedyn Grasseth contacted her mother, an experienced kayaker who lived near the area where the 45-year-old woman was stranded, and she came... More »

Long Island Coast Guard Saves Russell Crowe

He's no master and commander in a kayak

(Newser) - Russell Crowe isn't much of a gladiator when it comes to taming the Long Island Sound. Ask the Coast Guard officers who picked him up when he got lost in his kayak. The 48-year-old actor launched with a pal from Cold Spring Harbor over the holiday weekend, and ended... More »

Cape Cod Kayaker 'Paddled Like No Tomorrow'

'Turned into a professional' when he saw great white shark

(Newser) - Walter Szulc Jr. was kayaking for the first time when he was tailed by a great white shark but he says he started paddling like a pro when he spotted it. "To actually see it, to see the fin come out of the water behind me, it was a... More »

Cape Cod Kayaker Dodges Great White

Man has close encounter on 1st kayak trip

(Newser) - It might be a while before Walter Szulc Jr. decides it's safe to go back in the water. He was kayaking—for the first time—at a Cape Cod beach on the weekend when he saw the fin of a great white shark longer than his kayak just 10... More »

Kayaker Saves Dog Fleeing Fatal Accident

Vizsla found swimming offshore after drunk driver kills jogging owner

(Newser) - A kayak fisherman rescued a dog that fled into the Gulf of Mexico after its jogging owner was killed by a drunk driver. Rory O'Connor found the traumatized Vizsla swimming about half a mile from Florida's Siesta Key. "He was in a lot of distress," O'... More »

Acclaimed Kayaker Missing After Croc Attack

Renowned outdoorsman Hendrik Coetzee presumed dead after Congo horror

(Newser) - A first-of-its-kind kayaking expedition in the Congo ended in disaster after a crocodile snatched the leader, acclaimed outdoorsman Hendrik Coetzee, from his kayak. The South African is presumed dead. His two shocked American companions managed to paddle to safety, AP reports. The attack occurred on a stretch of a Congo... More »

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