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The Sun Nearly Caused Nuclear War in 1967

Solar flares made it seem like the USSR was jamming US radars

(Newser) - The sun was nearly responsible for the Cold War going nuclear 50 years ago, according to a study released this week. On May 23, 1967, three US Ballistic Missile Early Warning System radar sites seemed to be jammed. CBS News reports it appeared to the US Air Force, which was... More »

Death by Human Extinction Far More Likely Than by Car Crash

We should be more afraid of asteroids, pandemics, and Terminators

(Newser) - Pandemics, super-volcanoes, nuclear war, climate change, asteroids, and murderous artificial intelligence. You're not more likely to die from any one of those things than in a car crash. But put all those things together, and, well, that changes things a bit, the Atlantic reports. According to the annual Global ... More »

A Nuclear War Would ... Boost Property Values?

Americans would be 'relatively' wealthier, says 1969 report

(Newser) - Sure, nuclear attacks on the US could level populated areas—but two papers conclude that Americans would see an economic upside, Medium reports. The first, a 1969 report by the Institute for Defense Analyses, looks at a possible nuclear strike on Houston, Texas. It says that Americans would be "... More »

State-Run TV: Russia Could 'Turn US Into Radioactive Ash'

Anchor Dmitry Kiselyov was hand-picked by Vladimir Putin

(Newser) - The man Vladimir Putin hand-picked to run a new state-run news agency turned a number of heads yesterday when he stood before an image of a mushroom cloud and declared that "Russia is the only country that could really turn the US into radioactive ash." Dmitry Kiselyov then... More »

Queen Wrote This Speech in Case of Nuclear War

The enemy is 'the deadly power of abused technology'

(Newser) - Just how close did the world come to the brink of nuclear annihilation during the Cold War? So close that civil servants in the UK wrote a speech for Queen Elizabeth to deliver in the event of nuclear war. The speech has now been released thanks to the UK's... More »

Doomsday Is 1 Minute Closer

Bulletin of Atomic Scientists moves up its famous clock

(Newser) - The apocalypse is a smidge closer today: The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists moved its Doomsday Clock from 11:54 to 11:55, reports USA Today . The symbolic clock has been in place since 1947 and now factors in climate change along with nuclear proliferation. We're still a few ticks... More »

North Korea: War Would Bring 'Nuclear Holocaust'

New Year's address urges better ties with South Korea

(Newser) - North Korea welcomed the new year today with a call for better ties with rival South Korea, warning that war "will bring nothing but a nuclear holocaust." Despite calls in its annual New Year's message for a Korean peninsula free of nuclear weapons, the communist North, which has... More »

North Korea Threatens Nuclear War

South Korea's cooperation with US, Japan 'nothing but treachery'

(Newser) - As South Korea continued to run artillery drills , North Korea warned today that the South's cooperation with the US and Japan is "nothing but treachery"—and could result in nuclear war. An official said that South Korea's live-fire drills, which are running through Friday, are routine and would... More »

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