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What Obama Will —and Should— Say in His Budget Speech

Some advice for the POTUS ahead of today's address

(Newser) - Here’s what we know about President Obama’s budget speech today: He’s going to lay out a four-step, long-term budget-reduction plan. It’s going to involve defense cuts, tax code changes, and recommendations from his deficit commission. And he’s going to stress keeping domestic spending low and... More »

Cranky Alan Simpson Disses Snoopy Snoopy Poop Dogg

And the enema man, because kids these days...

(Newser) - Alan Simpson, known far and wide for his hysterical and/or inappropriate penchant for speaking bluntly, is still very cranky about the federal deficit, and appeared on Fox News yesterday to do what cranky old people do: Yell at the kids. And the old people, reports Politico . “This is a... More »

Deficit Gurus: Glass Still 'Half-Full'

Bowles and Simpson see time to improve Obama budget

(Newser) - Erskine Bowles and Alan Simpson think that President Obama's proposed budget "goes nowhere close" enough in reducing the US deficit, but the deficit-reduction panel's co-chairs say they "see the cup as half-full." "[We] think there is the real possibility that a bipartisan deficit reduction plan can... More »

Alan Simpson: Give Deficit Fairytales the 'Green Weenie'

Deficit panel chair full of colorful language in latest interview

(Newser) - Alan Simpson, the deficit commission co-chair famous for ever-so-subtly calling Social Security "a milk cow with 310 million tits," was back on the teevee today calling for serious cuts to Medicare, Medicaid, the aforementioned milk cow, and defense, reports the Huffington Post. Some highlights from his comments:
  • "
... More »

Obama Won't Back Social Security Cuts

...Or any other specific deficit-cutting measures in State of the Union address

(Newser) - President Obama will talk about the importance of cutting the deficit in his State of the Union address tonight, but he’s unlikely to endorse any specific steps for doing so, administration sources tell the Washington Post . In particular, Obama has explicitly assured Democratic lawmakers and advocates for the elderly... More »

Obama's Next 'Cave-In': Social Security

Deficit commission, tax cut deal set course for disaster

(Newser) - President Obama already caved on tax cuts, and next up is Social Security, writes Robert Kuttner on the Huffington Post . The tax cut deal will increase the deficit by some $900 billion—offering more leverage to deficit hawks and “adding to the artificial hysteria that Social Security is going... More »

6 Stories