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Michael Moore, Bigwigs Are Out $317K on Assange Bail

They're down $317K so far, could lose another $222K

(Newser) - The bigwigs who put up bail for Julian Assange— including Michael Moore —have already lost $317,000 of that money, and could lose another $222,000 if the WikiLeaks founder does not surrender to UK police. The first $317,000 was lost after Assange fled to Ecuador's London... More »

Assange: My House Arrest Hampering WikiLeaks

Assange says WikiLeaks work is highly compromised

(Newser) - After six months under virtual house arrest, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange acknowledged today that his detention is hampering the work of the secret-spilling site. The 39-year-old Australian is living at a supporter's rural estate, and says he has become "a fixed target" for snoopers. "It is easy... More »

WikiLeaks Auctioning Lunch With Assange

Eight people will dine with him at fundraiser

(Newser) - Want the chance to grab a bite with Julian Assange? Get in line, and bring lots of cash. WikiLeaks is offering eight people the chance to dine with its founder as a fundraiser for its secret-spilling work. Bids started Monday at about $570 a head but jumped up to $800... More »

Julian Assange Goes Free

Thanks supporters, the British justice system

(Newser) - Julian Assange walked out of a British courtroom a free man today, after a lengthy court hearing to work out the logistics of his bail. “It's great to smell the fresh air of London again,” Assange told the gathered reporters, adding that, “If justice is not always... More »

Judge Rejects Appeal, Grants Assange Bail

The WikiLeaks founder will be freed from jail

(Newser) - A UK judge has rejected an appeal and granted bail to Julian Assange, who will be freed from the British jail where he's been held since Dec. 7. The Guardian notes that there was an early indication things would go Assange's way after High Court justice Duncan Ouseley commented that... More »

Michael Moore: Why I Put Up Bail for Assange

Openness and transparency are vital to keep corruption in check

(Newser) - Michael Moore is among the celebrities putting up money to try to get Julian Assange sprung on bail, and he writes on his website that he eagerly made his $20,000 pledge—along with the offer of his servers and domain names—because transparency is "among the few weapons... More »

Assange Will Stay in Jail as Sweden Challenges Bail

British judge will hear appeal to his decision granting freedom

(Newser) - A British judge granted bail to Julian Assange today under strict conditions, but the WikiLeaks founder will remain in jail at least another 48 hours while the court hears an appeal from Swedish prosecutors who want him extradited on sex-crimes charges. According to the Guardian , his bail conditions would include... More »

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