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Al-Qaeda No. 2: 'Hey Pakistanis, Spare a Dime?'

(Newser) - Al-Qaeda's No. 2 leader warns the Pakistani people in a new audio message that the US poses a grave danger for Pakistan's future, and asks if they could help financially. "It is the individual duty of every Muslim in Pakistan to join the mujahedeen, or at the very least,... More »

Bin Laden to Issue Message on 'Foiling Plots' in Iraq

May also rip 'Infidel' Arabic news channel Al Jareeza

(Newser) - A new message on "foiling plots" in Iraq from Osama bin Laden is about to be released on an Islamic web site, Reuters reports. The 56-minute recording will address the hardline jihadist group Islamic State of Iraq, according to the site announcing the message. It may also blast the... More »

Al Qaeda Amps Up PR War

The terrorist group's propaganda machine is more polished, prolific than ever

(Newser) - Whether or not Al Qaeda has regained its pre-9/11 operational capacity,  the terrorist group has certainly beefed up its PR. Al Qaeda’s media arm has released at least 63 audio and video messages this year, compared with 58 for all of 2006, according to AP figures. And they're... More »

3 Stories