Clay Duke

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Guard Who Took Down Gunman: 'I'm No Hero'

Mike Jones says he'd been terrified he let school board down

(Newser) - When distraught ex-con Clay Duke took a school board meeting hostage on Tuesday, it was security guard Mike Jones who saved the day, shooting and wounding Duke, who then killed himself. But Jones says he was only doing his job. “I’m not a hero folks,” he said... More »

School Board Hostage-Taking Caught on Video

Fla. board member fought back against gunman Clay Duke

(Newser) - If there was a prize for America's bravest school board member, Ginger Littleton would be a shoo-in. Video of yesterday's hostage-taking incident at a Florida school board meeting shows that after gunman Clay Duke ordered everybody apart from six men to leave the room, Littleton returned to the room and... More »

2 Stories