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New $4.4B Navy Destroyer Breaks Down in Panama Canal

USS Zumwalt had to be towed to port

(Newser) - The Navy's new $4.4 billion "stealth destroyer" USS Zumwalt stealthily broke down in the Panama Canal this week, bumped into the lock walls, and had to be towed to port. The destroyer, which was on its way from Baltimore to San Diego, will now spend time at... More »

Train Stuck in 10-Hour Trip From Hell

Passengers to Philly locked inside as temperatures plummet

(Newser) - A nighttime Amtrak train en route from Baltimore to Philadelphia was stuck on the tracks for a hellish 10 hours in frigid weather with no lights, heat or food. The doors were locked for much of that time, trapping passengers inside. It was hours before passengers were told that emergency... More »

2 Stories