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112th Congress Punts on Sandy Aid Bill

Boehner sparks outrage by tabling vote on $60.4B in FEMA aid

(Newser) - The 112th Congress may have squeaked through a deal on the fiscal cliff , but shortly afterward John Boehner announced that it won't be voting on a $60.4 billion FEMA aid package for victims of Hurricane Sandy, reports USA Today . Though the Senate passed the bill and the House... More »

Congressman Beats Watson in Jeopardy

New Jersey's Rush Holt proves his smarts, again

(Newser) - Watson, the IBM computer that took on and beat two of Jeopardy's greatest players last month, lost a round of the game show yesterday to a surprising opponent: a US congressman. Rush Holt, a New Jersey Democrat, won $8,600 to the machine's $6,200 in the first round of... More »

Lawmaker: McCain Killed Soldier Counseling

Measure sought to provide Reserve soldiers with more help

(Newser) - Prompted by the suicide of a young soldier, a Democratic representative tried to pass legislation to get more counseling and resources to Reserve members—and he blames John McCain for quashing it. “I know for a fact, because he told me, that Sen. McCain doesn't support it,” New... More »

3 Stories