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Pope Not Convinced by Virgin Mary Apparitions

He says alleged Bosnia visions 'don't have a lot of value'

(Newser) - Bad news for the pilgrimage business in Bosnia: Pope Francis has made it clear that he has serious doubts about the alleged apparitions of the Virgin Mary in Medjugorje, which bring up to a million visitors to the village every year. Six children in the town said in 1981 that... More »

A Rival Tool for Ghost Hunters: iPhone Apps

'Ghost Hunter' and 'Ghost Seance' rival traditional methods

(Newser) - Ghost hunting this weekend? Well, you can lay down your trusty electromagnetic meter and open an iPhone app to detect spirits—or so say some ghost hunters. A spirited debate is emerging between old-school hunters, who rely on the K-II EMF electromagnetic reader, and those who prefer apps like Ghost... More »

Virgin Mary Appeared at Wisc. Chapel: Catholic Bishop

Mary is said to have appeared to a Belgian immigrant 3 times

(Newser) - About a dozen sites worldwide can boast that they have been validated by the Catholic Church as being sites where the Virgin Mary has appeared—and for the first time, that list includes a US location. A tiny chapel 17 miles northeast of Green Bay, Wisc., called Our Lady of... More »

3 Stories