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Male Nurses Paid More Than Female Nurses

In a traditionally woman-dominated field, the guys still make more

(Newser) - Even in the female-dominated field of nursing, men are still the higher earners. A new study published in JAMA used two surveys of RNs and found the unadjusted pay gap ranged from $10,243 to $11,306 in one, and from $9,163 to $9,961 in the second, even... More »

Nurses' New Health Risk: Rotating Night Shifts

Heart, lung mortality rates greater among women who work rotating shifts

(Newser) - Working the night shift has already been linked to higher risks of cancer and cardiovascular disease. Now researchers at Harvard—who've combed through 22 years of data tracking 75,000 nurses in the US—write in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine that rotating night shifts for five or... More »

18K California Nurses Have Decided to Go on Strike

Nurses union says Kaiser Permanente hospitals unprepared for Ebola

(Newser) - Kaiser Permanente hospitals aren't ready for Ebola, say its nurses, and tomorrow 18,000 of them are set to begin a two-day strike over that and other issues. Their union claims Kaiser has "refused to address [their] concerns … about Ebola safety protocols and protective equipment, refusing even... More »

Spain Puts Down Ebola Patient's Dog

Authorities feared nursing assistant's pet could carry virus

(Newser) - Authorities aren't taking any chances in Spain, where the first case of Ebola transmission outside Africa has caused widespread alarm: The dog of a Madrid nurse was put down today because authorities believed it could carry and transmit the virus. Madrid's regional government obtained a court order to... More »

Nurse Treats Missionary, Gets Ebola

Spanish woman is 1st to contract disease outside of Africa

(Newser) - A nurse in Spain has come down with Ebola, making her the first victim of the current outbreak to not contract the disease in Africa, the BBC reports. Health officials say she began feeling sick last week after treating Manuel Viejo, a Spanish priest who got Ebola in Sierra Leone... More »

Doctor Breaks Neck, Sees Reality of Hospital Care

A Harvard physician undergoes treatment for nightmare injury

(Newser) - Arnold Relman was in pretty good shape for a 90-year-old—until the day he fell down the stairs and fractured three vertebrae in his neck, he writes in the New York Review of Books . He was rushed to Massachusetts General, where a crack medical team saved his life by performing... More »

WHO: Doctors Not Always No. 1 When It Comes to Care

Midwives, nurse practitioners can be as good, better

(Newser) - Not only do midwives, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants do as good a job as doctors, they sometimes do better—and patients would agree, according to a World Health Organization bulletin. NBC News gives an example: When it comes to delivering babies, midwives use less drugs and perform fewer episiotomies... More »

California May Let Non-Physicians Perform Abortions

Bill on governor's desk makes them less restrictive

(Newser) - While states like Texas and North Carolina move to make abortion ever more restrictive, California seems to be headed in the opposite direction. State lawmakers recently passed a bill that would allow early abortions to be performed by non-physicians, like nurse practitioners, nurse midwives, and physicians' assistants, the LA Times... More »

What It Was Like to Care for Dzhokhar Tsarnaev

Inside 9 nurses' very tough 6 days with the suspected bomber

(Newser) - Nine trauma nurses at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center were asked to care for suspected Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev—and though many were uncomfortable with the idea, all of them agreed. The Boston Globe walks us through the six days they spent with Tsarnaev, from the four checkpoints they... More »

Australian DJs in Hoax May Face Criminal Charges

Scotland Yard looking into it

(Newser) - The Australian DJs whose royal hoax led to the suicide of a nurse they duped might face criminal charges, reports . Scotland Yard says it working with the Crown Protection Service to determine whether any laws were broken, without providing more details. Meanwhile, Australia's media watchdog is... More »

Army Nurse in Afghanistan Dies While Skyping With Wife

Cpt. Bruce Clark worked at Afghanistan medical center

(Newser) - An Army nurse in Afghanistan died Monday in the middle of a Skype conversation with his wife, the El Paso Times reports. The cause of Cpt. Bruce Clark's death has not been disclosed by the Army; an investigation is underway. "Bruce's wife tragically witnessed her husband's... More »

Swedish Hospital Hiring 'TV-Hot' Nurses

Hospital says phrase came from a former patient

(Newser) - If you've ever been admitted to the hospital and thought, "Man, these nurses really aren't as attractive as the ones on TV," apparently you should visit Sweden's Stockholm South General. In a recent job advertisement, that hospital recruited nurses who are "motivated," "... More »

Top 5 Dying Regrets

No 1: I wasn't true to myself

(Newser) - What are the most common regrets of people on their death beds? An Australian palliative nurse named Bronnie Ware, who spent years tending to patients in the last 12 weeks of their lives, compiled a top-five list in book form . Here's a peek, from the Guardian : More »

UK Docs, Nurses Face Cleavage Ban

Crackdown follows patients' complaints

(Newser) - Following patient complaints, health care workers outside London have been warned to rein in “excessive cleavage” and cover midriffs, the Telegraph reports. The national health care service has also barred shorts, mini-skirts, denim, and unkempt beards. The goal: a “professional and consistent” appearance. “There had been complaints... More »

Accused 'Angel of Death' on Internet Pleads Not Guilty

He allegedly posed as a nurse, coaxed victims into suicide

(Newser) - Update on a case that involves a disturbing twist on social networking—in which a Minnesota nurse stands accused of urging people he met online to commit suicide. William Melchert-Dinkel pleaded not guilty to felony counts stemming from the deaths of two individuals, one in England and the other in... More »

Nurse Caught on Tape Switching Off Ventilator

British nurse's blunder leaves man brain-damaged

(Newser) - A British quadriplegic who installed hidden cameras in his home because he was worried about the quality of his care was left severely brain damaged by a mistake that confirmed his suspicions. The cameras captured a nurse who lacked the proper training accidentally disconnecting his ventilator and then struggling to... More »

Nurse Saves Toddler's Life—Via Facebook

She notices problem with the girl's eye

(Newser) - While browsing Facebook photos of her friend's daughter, a UK pediatrics nurse noticed something wasn't quite right. Nicola Sharp was looking at a photo of Grace Freeman, 2, when she saw that the girl's left pupil appeared white, while the right pupil had the normal "red eye" effect from... More »

Women Battle 'Birth Rape'

Uncaring, brutal exams can traumatize laboring moms

(Newser) - The mothers of the world are mad, and they're not going to take it anymore. A growing movement against "birth rape" is placing institutions on notice that women in labor oppose any vaginal intrusion by "fingers, hands, suction cups, forceps, needles and scissors" without consent, notes the Sydney ... More »

Postpartum Depression Is Preventable

... if trained nurses get involved

(Newser) - The solution to preventing postpartum depression may lay in the hands of ... nurses, according to a new study. Researchers in the UK found that women who received a visit from a nurse who had been trained to assess and psychologically support new moms were 30% less likely to have become... More »

Temp Firms Keep Hiring Lousy Nurses

They skimp on background checks in lucrative industry

(Newser) - Agencies that supply hospitals with temporary nurses skimp on background checks and allow incompetent workers to move from one facility to the next, reports ProPublica. The reason? The nation's chronic shortage of nurses has created a lucrative $4 billion industry with little oversight. The investigation documents cases of nurses with... More »

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