Mexico drug cartels

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DEA Launders Money for Mexico Drug Cartels

Critics say laundering helps cartels, blurs sovereignty

(Newser) - One element of the United States' efforts to find and track Mexican drug money is surprising: Undercover US agents have laundered and smuggled millions of dollars for the drug cartels, reports the New York Times . American officials, particularly those with the DEA, say these laundering operations provide invaluable intel, allowing... More »

Mexico Activists to Hague: Investigate Drug War

Human rights activists also want president, officials investigated

(Newser) - With an estimated 45,000 dead in Mexico’s drug-related violence, and a growing number of those civilian casualties, human rights activists think it’s time for the Hague to step in. A petition signed by 23,000 citizens asks the International Criminal Court to investigate President Felipe Calderon, top... More »

Mexican Drug Cartels Stacked With US Informants

That's how Manssor Arbabsiar was nabbed

(Newser) - The US first caught wind of Iran’s alleged plan to assassinate a Saudi diplomat when Manssor Arbabsiar contacted Mexico’s Zeta cartel to do the deed—and wound up talking to a DEA agent. But that DEA agent wasn’t specifically targeting Arbabsiar—he was just one of several... More »

20 Dead in Mexican Prison Riot

Officials aren't saying what caused the violence

(Newser) - A prison riot in the violent Mexican border city of Matamoros has left at least 20 dead and 12 injured, reports the LA Times . The trouble started as a fight between two inmates, and quickly grew into a full-fledged riot. Officials are not saying what caused the fight or who... More »

Mexico Drug War Creating Vigilante Paramilitary Groups

Officials fear paramilitary groups could undermine government

(Newser) - A vigilante group calling itself the "Zeta Killers" has surfaced and claimed responsibility for the slaughter of 35 drug cartel members in Veracruz last week . The group—which describes itself as "anonymous warriors" working for the good of the Mexican people—appears to be connected to a rival... More »

5 Severed Heads Left at Mexican School

Discovery comes as teachers strike over extortion threats

(Newser) - Another gruesome discovery in Mexico: Police found a crate with five severed heads outside a primary school in Acapulco, reports the BBC . The victims haven't been identified. The not-so-subtle threat comes amid a teachers' strike in the once-popular resort city, notes NPR . Educators refuse to reopen schools because they... More »

Mexican Drug Lord's Twins Born in LA County Hospital

Joaquin Guzman's wife, daughters hold US citizenship

(Newser) - Mexico's most wanted drug lord is the proud father of two of America's newest citizens. Emma Coronel, the wife of Sinalao cartel kingpin Joaquin "Shorty" Guzman, gave birth to twin girls in an LA County hospital last month, the Los Angeles Times reports. The 22-year-old former beauty... More »

Mexican Woman Decapitated for Anti-Cartel Posts

Web page had links to police, military hotlines

(Newser) - A Mexican woman was found decapitated yesterday, for what the Texas-border Zetas drug cartel claimed were her postings on a local social networking website. It is thought to be the third killing this month for drug-related comments posted online in Nuevo Laredo, reports the AP . The head of Marisol Macias... More »

11 More Bodies Dumped in Mexico

That makes 46 this week alone in Veracruz area

(Newser) - Another mass dumping of bodies in Mexico in and near the port city of Veracruz: Police found 11 more victims in four separate locations yesterday, just days after 35 were brazenly dumped on a busy city street, reports AP . Police suspect drug lord Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman" for the... More »

2 Bodies in Mexico Seen as Warning to Social Media

Placards near bodies warn not to post online about drug cartels

(Newser) - A gruesome find on a bridge in Mexico is being interpreted as a warning to those to speak out against drug cartels on the Internet, reports CNN . Police found the brutalized bodies of a young man and woman hanging from a bridge, next to posters calling out two blogs that... More »

ATF Chief Who Oversaw Botched Gun Plan Resigns

Kenneth Melson reassigned after 'Fast and Furious' failure

(Newser) - The ATF is getting a new chief today, the fallout from a botched scheme to catch gun smugglers supplying Mexico's drug cartels. Kenneth Melson is returning to lesser duties with the Justice Department, and his role as overseer of Operation Fast and Furious wasn't even mentioned in a... More »

53 Killed in Attack on Mexican Casino

Gunmen spray gasoline, set Monterrey casino ablaze

(Newser) - At least 53 people were killed yesterday when gunmen burst into a casino in Monterrey and started a fire that trapped gamblers inside. Survivors say the Casino Royale gunmen sprayed gasoline and ordered people to get out, but panicked gamblers fled further inside the building, the Wall Street Journal reports.... More »

Bungled ATF Sting Lost Track of More Than 1K Firearms

House hearing on Operation Fast and Furious held today

(Newser) - Operation Fast and Furious, the bungled ATF gun-trafficking probe , was even more bungled than originally thought: Federal agents lost track of more than 1,000 firearms purchased by suspected gun smugglers during the Arizona investigation. The information comes from a new congressional report ahead of a House hearing today examining... More »

Mexico Captures Top Cartel Leader—'the Monkey'

Alleged head of La Familia group is arrested

(Newser) - Mexico says it struck a "large blow" against drug cartels today by capturing the leader of the notorious La Familia gang. Authorities arrested Jose de Jesus Mendez Vargaz (aka El Chango, or the Monkey) at a highway checkpoint without incident. La Familia announced its emergence as a main player... More »

Mexicans to US: Stop Consuming Drugs

Poet, grieving father leads activists on 'trail of pain'

(Newser) - A Mexican poet and hundreds of activists toured some of the most dangerous cities in Mexico last week on what he called a “trail of pain,” calling for an end to the violent drug war rocking the country. Javier Sicilia, whose 24-year-old son was killed in March by... More »

13 Killed in Mexican Lake Battle

One marine, 12 gunmen die on Falcon Lake

(Newser) - Mexican marines stumbled upon a drug gang camp on a Texas border lake on Sunday, triggering a firefight that killed one marine and a dozen Zetas drug cartel gunmen in the country's latest bloodbath. The battle occurred on Falcon Lake, where American David Hartley was presumed to be gunned... More »

Arizona Cops Find Find High-Tech Mexico Drug Tunnel

Underground drug freeway fitted with lights, water pumps, ventilation

(Newser) - Investigators have discovered a sophisticated drug cartel tunnel linking Mexico to Arizona, complete with lights and a ventilation systems. The tunnel connects an abandoned building in Noglales, Mexico, to Nogales, Arizona, and is 15 feet underground. "This tunnel is more sophisticated than others," said an investigator. "They... More »

Body Count in Mexican Mass Graves Hits 116

Seventeen have been arrested in connection

(Newser) - Mexican authorities yesterday found 28 more bodies in the mass graves discovered in Tamaulipas last week , bringing the total number to 116. Seventeen people have been arrested in connection with the grisly uncovering. Most of the victims, believed to be kidnapped bus passengers , are probably Mexican, officials say, but few... More »

Mexican Kids Who've Seen Hell Find Little Help in US

Border schools ill-prepared to deal with their trauma

(Newser) - Sift past story after story about the bodies piling up in Mexico and you'll find another tragedy: the trauma the country's violence-weary kids are struggling to cope with—which is seeping its way into ill-prepared US schools. NPR takes a look at a high school in El Paso, one of... More »

Mexico Finds 59 in Mass Grave

Latest scene of drug war carnage in Tamaulipas

(Newser) - A series of mass graves in northern Mexico have yielded at least 59 bodies in a particularly grim finding in a bloody region. Police arrested 11 men on the scene and freed five people still being held hostage, reports the Wall Street Journal; the dead are thought to include a... More »

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