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OMG Is Way Older Than You Think

Abbreviation first appeared in letter to Winston Churchill

(Newser) - The next time you tap out the letters OMG, take a moment to give a nod to British Admiral John Arbuthnot Fisher. The now-ubiquitous abbreviation may have first appeared in his correspondence with Winston Churchill back in 1917, reports by way of Letters of Note . It located the... More »

Heart Symbol Latest 'Word' in Oxford Dictionary

'Muffin top,' 'OMG' also added in latest OED edition

(Newser) - The latest addition to the Oxford English Dictionary is beyond words. Today’s online update to the definitive work adds a graphic symbol for the first time: a heart, as in “I heart NY.” Listed under the word “heart” and defined as a verb meaning “to... More »

Did Usher Rip Off a Homer Simpson Song?

Homer sings about gifts, Usher waxes about booty

(Newser) - A hilarious YouTube crew thinks they have proof positive that Usher ripped off Homer Simpson. Mississippi's Y101 radio show staffers discovered that Usher's OMG, written this year by, is strikingly similar to a Homer song from 2003—except that Simpson croons about Christmas presents 'sted of his... More »

3 Stories