Sarah Palin emails

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Gov. Palin: I Can't Take It Any More

Emails reveal frustration with ethics complaints

(Newser) - Sarah Palin was really starting to hate being governor of Alaska in the final months before her resignation in July 2009 , the final batch of emails from her time in office reveal. Palin complained bitterly about the scrutiny she and her family faced after her failed vice presidential bid, and... More »

Missing Palin Emails Released

54 pages inadvertently left out of first release

(Newser) - Alaska released 54 more pages of Sarah Palin's emails yesterday, but it looks like they won't be much juicier than the first 24,199 pages. A state rep says the emails, which are from Palin's first month as governor, were inadvertently left out of the first cache... More »

Sarah Palin's Emails Make for Marvelous Poetry

Michael Solomon arranges them into verse, with delightful results

(Newser) - File under: Why didn't I think of this first? Editor-slash-humorist Michael Solomon has pored over Sarah Palin's email trove searching not for salacious details but for inspired verse. What he's come up with is a collection of 50 poems written by the former governor herself. And Solomon... More »

Email to Palin: 'Bring Tequila and Condoms' to BBQ

Record exec's joke invite found its way to Alaskan's inbox

(Newser) - Journalists plowing through the 24,000 pages of emails from Sarah Palin's governorship released last week have found them rather underwhelming, but one eye-catcher invites her to a 2008 party at a record exec's house and asks her to "bring beef, tequila, and condoms." Echo Park... More »

Palin Emails' Big Reveal: Sarah Writes at 8th-Grade Level

...and that's pretty darn good: writing analysts

(Newser) - Sarah Palin writes like an eighth grader, and that's actually a compliment. Following Friday's massive release of hundreds of emails she wrote as governor, two writing analysts evaluated 60 randomly chosen messages that were at least one paragraph, and determined that Palin wrote them at a grade level... More »

Sarah Palin Emails: 'Combative and Engaged'

A look at different headlines on day 2

(Newser) - And the big Sarah Palin email bombshell is ... nonexistent. As the read-a-thon continues , here's a sampling of different headlines out there:
  • Anchorage Daily News : "Emails show criticism put Palin on defensive"
  • New York Times : "Palin E-Mails Show Her Combative and Engaged"
  • Politico : "Long-lost Sarah Palin surfaces
... More »

Sarah Palin's Emails: First Revelations

A few hours in, the mundane details, the conclusions...

(Newser) - With 24,199 pages to comb through, the Sarah Palin email revelations will likely seep out for days (weeks?). We've rounded up some early highlights, as eagerly published by a number of publications, so you'll have enough tidbits to drop at whatever Friday-night event you're headed to.... More »

Palin Emails Coming at 1PM

Set your alarms for 9am Alaska time

(Newser) - Today’s the big day: The 24,199-page, 275-pound trove of emails from the first two years of Sarah Palin’s stint as governor of Alaska is almost here. The state will release them at 9am local time (1pm ET), reports Mother Jones , which requested the emails back in 2008.... More »

Coming Friday: Palin Emails

All 275 pounds of them

(Newser) - Sarah Palin's latest literary trove lands with a 275-pound thud in Juneau Friday morning: Almost three years after media outlets requested the emails she and husband Todd sent while she was governor, Alaska has set Friday as the official release date, reports the Anchorage Daily News. The state is... More »

Coming Soon: 275 Pounds of Sarah Palin Emails

Alaska to release ex-governor's missives in coming days

(Newser) - Something to read on the bus : Alaska will release 24,000 pages of Sarah Palin emails from her days as governor, reports the Anchorage Daily News . News services actually requested them when she was running for vice president, and now they'll get them as she may or may not... More »

As Quest for Palin's Emails Hits Day 834, More Delays

15th delay request could push waiting time to 986 days; she was in office 966

(Newser) - and a handful of other news organizations have been waiting patiently—very, very, very patiently—for the 25,000 emails Sarah and Todd Palin sent to each other and to 51 key state employees while she was governor of Alaska. And her former staff wants them to wait... More »

Palin Hacker Sentenced to 1 Year, 1 Day

Judge recommends halfway house, not jail

(Newser) - A man who was convicted of hacking into Sarah Palin's email during the 2008 presidential campaign has been sentenced to a year and a day, with the judge recommending the term be served in a halfway house, not prison. Federal Judge Thomas W. Phillips also said David Kernell, who was... More »

Todd Palin: Email Flap Just a Misunderstanding

Says he got his 'wires crossed' with Joe Miller

(Newser) - Todd Palin acknowledged today that he sent angry emails to Alaska Senate candidate Joe Miller, but he brushed it off as a misunderstanding being exaggerated by the media. "My family has worked hard in supporting Joe Miller, so when I heard he'd said something less than supportive of my... More »

Palin Hacker Found Guilty on 2 Counts

David Kernell convicted of obstruction of justice, unlawful email access

(Newser) - A federal jury has convicted a 22-year-old former University of Tennessee student of hacking Sarah Palin's Yahoo email account during the 2008 campaign. David Kernell was acquitted of wire fraud but convicted of a felony, obstruction of justice, and a misdemeanor, unlawful computer access. The jury failed to reach a... More »

Palin Says Email Hacker Should Face 'Consequences'

Ex-governor says breach caused a 'disruption'

(Newser) - Sarah Palin took the stand today to testify about the hacking of her Yahoo email account, allegedly by a former Tennessee college student, and described the breach to a packed courthouse as a "disruption" both of her family life and the 2008 presidential campaign. Palin said she found out... More »

Alaska Democrats Complain of Palin Email Cover-Up

Year-old requests still unfilled

(Newser) - Democrats have been waiting more than a year for officials to release the thousands of Sarah Palin’s emails, and they’re starting to get suspicious. “I think they’re hiding something, I think this is a travesty of justice,” says the state’s Democratic Party chairwoman. “... More »

Sure, You Can See Palin Email ... for $15M

And after Alaska fees for search, they won't be ready until mid-Nov.

(Newser) - Sarah Palin ran on a platform of transparent government, but it seems that Alaskan transparency has a price: $15 million. That’s how much the governor’s office wants from news organizations for copies of official email, MSNBC reports. Even if organizations are willing to pay up, the email will... More »

Accused Palin Hacker Pleads Not Guilty

David Kernell free for now but faces up to 5 years in prison

(Newser) - A Tennessee college student has been indicted on charges of hacking into Sarah Palin's email account and posting private info online, the Knoxville News Sentinel reports. David Kernell, the 20-year-old son of state Democratic Rep. Michael Kernell, pleaded not guilty. His trial is set for Dec. 16; he's free until... More »

Palin 'Hacker' Dodges Charges —for Now

Grand jury to resume hearing testimony on Tenn. student

(Newser) - A federal grand jury ended its session yesterday without handing down an indictment against a University of Tennessee student accused of breaking into Sarah Palin’s email account, reports the Chattanooga Times Free Press. The panel heard testimony from schoolmates of David Kernell, the 20-year-old son of state Democratic Rep.... More »

FBI Raids Suspected Palin Hacker

Tennessee student's home raided

(Newser) - A 20-year-old student suspected of hacking into Sarah Palin's Yahoo email account found himself on the wrong end of an FBI search warrant while throwing a party Saturday night, reports NBC affiliate WBIR-TV in Knoxville. David Kernell, a student at the University of Tennessee, is the son of a prominent... More »

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