Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty

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Watchdog Finds No Trace of North Korea's Nuke Test

Says it's unlikely to find a 'smoking gun' at this point

(Newser) - Plutonium or uranium: Which was the fissile material North Korea used in last month's nuclear test ? We may never know, says a nuclear watchdog agency. The Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty Organization hasn't found any "smoking gun" radioactive traces yet, and acknowledges that "it is... More »

It's Time for the US to Sign a Nuclear Test Ban

START was a good first step, but let's get serious

(Newser) - The START treaty was a great first step in the quest for a nuclear-free world, but now that it’s ratified “we can speak of a serious step forward for both countries,” writes Mikhail Gorbachev in the New York Times . That serious step: a complete ban on nuclear... More »

2 Stories