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Gargantuan Mansion Sparks Ozarks Mystery

Some say it's a home for aliens, or possibly Brangelina...

(Newser) - Deep in the hills of the Ozarks, between Springfield and Branson, Mo., a 72,000-square-foot house is being built—and locals aren’t quite sure why. Some suggest it may be a military bunker, while others propose it’s a nuclear shelter for “important people”; still others wonder whether... More »

In New Mexico's Desert, 'Earthships' Rise

Made from garbage, these homes use just $100 in utilities a year

(Newser) - One man's garbage is another man's ... Earthship? An architect in New Mexico is taking old tires, bottles, appliances, and other trash, and using them to create environmentally friendly, solar-powered, self-sustaining homes. Angled just so, to keep warm in the winter and cool in the summer, the Earthship houses are always... More »

2 Stories