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Obama Spent Last Day of Vacation With Rock Star

Visited with Eddie Vedder on Saturday afternoon

(Newser) - President Obama is back in DC after a two-week Hawaii vacation, and one detail of how he spent his 15th day in paradise is grabbing a few headlines: In addition to beach time and a visit to the National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific (his mother's father is buried... More »

Sundress Set Michelle Back $2K

Critics keep seeing dollar signs in pricey Hawaii vacation

(Newser) - Irritated penny-pinchers are still tallying up the costs of the First Family's Hawaiian vacation. Because Michelle and the girls went on ahead while the president wrestled with the payroll tax cut extension, some estimates put the price tag for the get-away at $4 million. Now critics are eyeing Michelle'... More »

Obama 'Pardons' Sea Turtles

President, daughters, friends release four of them in Hawaii

(Newser) - Apparently it’s not just turkeys that are eligible for a presidential pardon—sea turtles are, too. President Obama "pardoned" four of them yesterday during a visit to Hawaii’s Sea Life Park, releasing the 18-month-old turtles into Hanauma Bay. The president was accompanied by his daughters and a... More »

Obama Signs 9/11 First Responders Bill

Printed copy traveled from Washington to his Hawaii vacation rental

(Newser) - A bill that traveled one long road journeyed a wee bit farther before reaching its end today: President Obama signed the 9/11 health bill into law—in Hawaii. To get it there, a printed copy flew with a White House staffer from Washington to the island of Oahu, and then... More »

Obama Staying Extra Day in Paradise

While us fools toil away, fighting off the Monday morning blues...

(Newser) - If the president isn't working, we don't have to, right? It only seems fair, considering Obama is taking an extra day of vacation. Instead of returning from shaved-ice paradise on Sunday, the president will leave Monday evening and arrive Tuesday afternoon, reports the Wall Street Journal . "After the extended... More »

Obama Bans Topless Photos

No more hunky 'buff Bam'

(Newser) - President Obama is apparently getting shy (or flabby?) in his advancing years as president. Reporters have been given strict instructions not to snap pics of a topless president while he's vacationing in Hawaii, reports the New York Times . That means no more hunka-hunka shots and no more memorable headlines like... More »

Obama Leaves Hawaii, Heads Back to Work

But Detroit bomber, busy agenda made sure he never left

(Newser) - President Obama ended his Hawaiian vacation last night to return today to the Washington he never really escaped. Obama and his family boarded Air Force One for an overnight flight, capping off an 11-day trip that would be remembered more for an al-Qaeda affiliate's botched attempt to bring down a... More »

Warm Welcome for Obamas in Hawaii

First family in Oahu for Christmas vacation

(Newser) - People carrying cameras, dogs and children lined the streets along the road as the president, first lady and their daughters came to the island of Oahu for a more-than-weeklong vacation yesterday. A crowd of about 75 military servicemen and women and Hawaii politicians greeted Air Force One when it landed... More »

Hawaii— Where Obama Got His Mellow

"Aloha spirit" unmistakable in president-elect, say Hawaiians

(Newser) - You can’t understand Barack Obama if you don’t get Hawaii, writes Philip Rucker in the Washington Post. The island state is famous for its “aloha spirit,” a mellow and tolerant outlook on the world. “That's Hawaii,” says Congressman Neil Abercrombie (who’s known Obama... More »

Obama Visits Troops in Hawaii

(Newser) - Barack Obama ventured from his Hawaii vacation hideaway on Christmas Day to thank Marines and sailors at the nearby military base for their service. He spent more than an hour at the dining hall, posing for pictures between the ham, roast beef, and turkey on the buffet and lingering a... More »

Obama Bids Farewell to 'Toot' on Hawaiian Shore

He scatters ashes of beloved grandmother who died 2 days before election

(Newser) - Barack Obama said a final goodbye to his grandmother at a memorial service in Hawaii yesterday, Reuters reports. Madelyn Dunham, whom Obama affectionately called "Toot," helped raise the president-elect when his mother went to work in Indonesia. Obama left the campaign trail to rush to her bedside when... More »

Barack Caught Shirtless Again

Ooh-la-la, president-elect is quite fit

(Newser) - New vacation photos of Barack Obama raise the next big question of his transition: How much skin is too much? Once again the president-elect has been photographed shirtless, reports Politico, prompting one Web poster to declare the well-toned Obama “smokin hot.” Observers say the pictures, snapped by a... More »

Hawaii Tries in Vain to Cash In on Obama Fame

Obama tour operators say business is slow

(Newser) - The Hawaii tourist trade is doing its best to spin some dollars out of Obamania, Politico reports. Tour companies are hyping visits to the president-elect's old Honolulu neighborhood, and the Baskin-Robbins where Obama worked as a teen is selling a new "Swirl of Change" flavor: chocolate, caramel, and nuts... More »

Hawaii Rolls Out Red Carpet for Obamas

State's fave son arrives for a holiday break before the move to DC

(Newser) - Hawaii bid aloha to the Obamas as they arrived yesterday for a holiday break in a beach-side estate about half an hour from Honolulu, the Honolulu Advertiser reports. Residents of the quiet neighborhood lined the block with beach chairs and waved as Obama’s motorcade rolled by yesterday. “We... More »

Obamas Off to Hawaii for Xmas

Islands are favorite getaway for president-elect

(Newser) - The Obama family will head to Hawaii for Christmas and New Year’s this year—and possibly every presidential year afterward, the Atlantic reports. That “would please the press corps, the Secret Service, WHCA and the locals to no end,” blogs Marc Ambinder, "though it must be... More »

McCain Kicks Off Fla. Tour; Obama Heads to Hawaii

Obama says decision to visit grandmother was easy to make

(Newser) - The economy continues to be issue No. 1 on the campaign trail. John McCain kicked off his “Joe the Plumber Tour” in all-important Florida, blasting Barack Obama's tax plan for redistributing the wealth of ordinary Americans like Joe. Obama again linked McCain to the failed economic policies of George... More »

A Few Lessons Obama Picked Up While on Vacation

Hawaii surely rejuvenated Dem for fall campaign ... but 3 tips just in case

(Newser) - What did Barack Obama do on vacation in Hawaii, beside body-surf and eat shaved ice? He learned three important lessons, John Dickerson writes in Slate, about how to handle the coming phase of the campaign:
  1. “Keep it big.” The Democrat has decided to push the “turning-point election”
... More »

As Obama Surfs, McCain Owns Week

GOP candidate flexes muscles, Dem hits the beach

(Newser) - As the conflict in Georgia wears on, John McCain has seized every opportunity this week to showcase his foreign policy chops, notes Michael Falcone in the New York Times, all but positioning himself as a putative commander in chief. McCain boasted of his multiple visits to the region and even... More »

Obamas Leave for Hawaii

Trip is for family time, to see aging grandmother, Dem says

(Newser) - Barack Obama departed for Hawaii today to kick off a week-long vacation with his family, Reuters reports. He’ll take part in a welcoming rally and fundraiser there, but will otherwise rest from campaign rigors. John McCain attacked his rival’s “beach vacation” in light of the hardships facing... More »

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