John Wheeler III

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Video of Disoriented John Wheeler Surfaces

John Wheeler is seen wandering parking garage, wearing one shoe

(Newser) - The mystery behind John Wheeler’s murder deepens: Surveillance video from a Wilmington parking garage has surfaced, showing a seemingly disoriented Wheeler wandering around, carrying one ripped shoe. The video is from last Wednesday, two days before the former presidential aide was found dead in a Delaware landfill . He told... More »

The Strange, Sad Story of John Wheeler's Last Days

Murdered politico seen disheveled, rambling

(Newser) - A parking garage attendant at a Delaware courthouse called a security guard last Wednesday to report “a homeless man in the garage.” But when Cathleen Boyer arrived, she didn’t find a homeless man—she found John Wheeler, respected political operative, carrying his right shoe. “He had... More »

2 Stories