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German State Lowers Voting Age to 16

Teenagers pushing for voting rights, conservatives quake

(Newser) - Politicians in Bremen are reaching out to a big bloc of new voters: The city-state's 16- and 17-year-old citizens. Bremen has become the first German state to extend state level voting rights to 16-year-old residents, but several more of the other 15 states—mostly those led by center-left parties—... More »

Why Not Let Kids Vote?

Sure, it sounds radical ... at first

(Newser) - Japan’s population is aging, and the Economist thinks that should worry you. (Of course, notes Michael Kinsley, “the number of things the Economist would have us worrying about is alarming in itself.”) But in this case, the article spawned something nice: A fresh idea to discuss.... More »

2 Stories