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Adventists Pretty Sad About Their 150th Anniversary

They had hoped world would have ended a long time ago

(Newser) - How does a church celebrate a 150th anniversary when it didn't even expect to be around for a decade? Such is the conundrum Seventh-day Adventists are facing, reports Religion News Service in a fascinating look at the coming May milestone. As it explains, the church was founded in the... More »

Doomsday Prophet Guilty of Tax Evasion

'But the world was ending!' excuse not bought by jurors

(Newser) - Jurors didn't buy a doomsday prophet's excuse that he didn't pay his taxes because he believed the end of the world was nigh. Ronald Weinland, who was found guilty of federal tax evasion Wednesday, apparently believed that the Swiss banking system would survive the apocalypse and second... More »

Rapture Believers React to Still Being Here

Confusion, acceptance from those who thought world would end

(Newser) - So, how do rapture believers feel today, considering the fact that they’re still firmly on earth? A sampling of reactions from the Huffington Post , Reuters , the AP , and the Los Angeles Times :
  • John Ramsey, 25, quit his job, donated thousands of dollars to Camping’s Family Radio, and took
... More »

Camping 'Bewildered, Mystified' at Lack of Rapture

No official statement today, wife tells board member

(Newser) - Harold Camping came out of hiding briefly yesterday after his predicted rapture did not come to pass, appearing at the front door of his Alameda home to tell the San Francisco Chronicle he had "a really tough weekend." Nearly 18 hours after his May 21 rapture failed to... More »

No Sign of Rapture Yet

Harold Camping's deadline arrives, but world goes on

(Newser) - Geez, it didn't even cloud over. Harold Camping's deadline of doomsday/Rapture has arrived on the East Coast without a peep, just as it did in the world's earlier time zones. "So far it hasn't interrupted my fish & chips," read a typical tweet from... More »

Colbert: Bring on the May 21 Rapture

He'll be in international waters while the rest of us suckers get judged

(Newser) - As you may have heard, Christian group Family Radio is going around warning the country that Christ is returning on May 21, 2011 . "Folks, this means there are only 11 shopping days until there are no shopping days," noted Stephen Colbert last night . Colbert likes this particular End... More »

Franklin Graham: Twitter Will Alert You to 2nd Coming

Social media could play 'a big part' in Christ's return

(Newser) - If you want to make sure you know about Christ's second coming the moment it happens, better get on Twitter and Facebook. The Rev. Franklin Graham says social media could play "a big part" in Christ's return, because the Bible says that "every eye" will see... More »

How We 'Know' the World Will End on May 21

Pastor Harold Camping explains his totally logical theory

(Newser) - As you may have heard, the rapture is coming on May 21, 2011 . Self-taught radio and Internet preacher Harold Camping is sure of it, and he’s got iron-clad logic on his side. See, by examining carbon dating, tree rings, and other highly scientific data, he’s concluded that Noah... More »

Judgment Day Is May 21: Christian Group

Second coming almost here...

(Newser) - All right everybody, empty those pension funds, quit your jobs, and repent, because the end times are so nigh you can mark them on your calendar. Apparently, the second coming is scheduled for May 21, 2011, according to Harold Camping, the leader of independent Christian ministry Family Radio Worldwide. He’... More »

9 Stories