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Want to Hit the Low Notes? Have a Baby

Researchers find that a woman’s voice drops after giving birth

(Newser) - Want to sound more authoritative or hit those low notes in your signature song? Just have a baby. It worked for Adele and Kristen Bell , who have both noted that during and after pregnancy, their voices were lower. Researchers at the University of Sussex in Britain may have an explanation... More »

Introducing Kermit's New Voice

Matt Vogel's version heard publicly for first time

(Newser) - If you weren't sure how you'd feel about Kermit the Frog having a new voice, now you can finally decide. Every week, the Muppets release an official "Muppet Thought of the Week" on the official YouTube channel, and this week's video features, for the first time,... More »

A Big Change Is Coming for Kermit the Frog

Steve Whitmire, who has voiced Kermit since Jim Henson's '90 death, is being replaced

(Newser) - Kermit the Frog is getting a new voice, reports the AP . ABC News and the Hollywood Reporter report that Steve Whitmire has left his role as the voice behind the iconic Muppet. Whitmire has voiced the character since Muppets creator Jim Henson's death in 1990. Per ABC, Whitmire's... More »

What Our Voice Says About Us

Changes in voice may reveal a lot about ourselves, study says

(Newser) - Job hunters, take note: If you're insecure during an interview, your voice may give you away. A new study reveals that people speak in higher-pitched voices when they're speaking to someone they see as higher status. Writing in Quartz , the researchers say that men and women who viewed... More »

The Voice That Narrates House Hunters Speaks Out

Andromeda Dunker gives her first interview

(Newser) - Andromeda Dunker has a voice millions of people would recognize immediately, but a face almost nobody knows. That's because she has narrated reality TV shows, most notably in HGTV's House Hunters franchise, since 2009 without ever being in the spotlight. Now, she's spoken with BuzzFeed to share... More »

Mom's Voice Really Fires Up a Kid's Brain

Researchers use MRI scans to observe the impact a mother's voice has

(Newser) - Newborns can pick out their mother's voice in their first days of life, and while the stimulating sound of mom's voice has long been connected to the early emotional and social development of children, little is understood neurologically. Now researchers report in the Proceedings of the National Academy ... More »

Science Reveals Freddie Mercury's Singing Secrets

Think 'subharmonics'

(Newser) - Freddie Mercury had one of the most memorable voices in music, and now researchers have unlocked some of the mystery behind it. For one thing, his vocal chords moved faster than normal. But the bigger part of the puzzle involves something called subharmonics, which the Consequence of Sound defines as... More »

Study Sees Roots of 'Gay Lisp' in Boyhood

It may explain the stereotype, says researcher

(Newser) - A documentary that's new on Netflix called Do I Sound Gay? explores the controversial topic of how some gay men sound, well, stereotypically gay. When it comes to the gay voice, Medical Daily notes that "as a society we associate" a lisp with being gay, though the lisp... More »

Cops Heard Mysterious Voice Coming From Flipped Car

And not the voice of a toddler

(Newser) - A remarkable footnote to the story of the 18-month-old who was rescued after as many as 14 hours upside-down in an overturned car with her dead mother in a Utah river: The four responding Spanish Fork officers who flipped the car swear they all heard a voice saying "help... More »

Job Hunters, Sound of Your Voice Matters

Employers rate people more highly when they hear a pitch instead of just reading it

(Newser) - If you're trying to land a job, it's much better to explain why you're the perfect candidate in person than in an email, a new study suggests. And it's got nothing to do with power suits—it's all about your voice. Employers are more likely... More »

Think You Can't Carry a Tune? Just Sing More

Study finds singing can be learned, like any other instrument

(Newser) - Just as you can learn to play an instrument, you can learn to sing even if you believe you're completely tone deaf, a new study out of Northwestern University finds. Researchers had people from three different age groups sing (kindergarten, sixth grade, and college-age); subjects listened to what they... More »

Deep-Voiced Attorneys Less Likely to Win in Court

A male lawyer's voice can actually predict whether he wins his case

(Newser) - When it comes to leaders, men and women both prefer women who have more masculine voices, research shows. And men are more likely to vote for men who use deeper, more masculine tones, while CEOs with deeper voices tend to make more money and run larger companies. But when it... More »

Powerful People Don't Exactly Speak Softly

Margaret Thatcher underwent vocal training when she became prime minister

(Newser) - When we want to be perceived as powerful—think parents scolding misbehaving kids or shoppers haggling with car dealers—we tend to focus not just on our words, but the way we deliver them. Researchers at San Diego State University report in the journal Psychological Science that when people want... More »

Guys Just Can't Do Sexy Voices

But it's easy for women: study

(Newser) - The ability to make one's voice sound hot is, apparently, limited to women. At least that's what a new study finds: Researchers in Pennsylvania asked women to "speak as if they were trying to impress someone with whom they were romantically interested." The subjects did it... More »

Woman Able to Speak After Rare Voice-Box Transplant

Brenda Charett Jensen's surgery marks second successful attempt ever

(Newser) - For only the second time in known history, doctors have performed a successful voice-box transplant. Brenda Charett Jensen was unable to speak for more than a decade without using a device that produced robotic-sounding speech. Less than 2 weeks after her October surgery at UC Davis, she was able to... More »

YouTube Star Ted Williams Heading to Rehab

Formerly homeless radio announcer admits to daily drinking

(Newser) - Ted Williams might have beaten homelessness and gotten scores of job offers, but some old problems remain. After a televised session with Dr. Phil, the man whose smooth radio voice made him a YouTube sensation has decided to check into a private, inpatient rehab facility to try to rid himself... More »

Ted Williams on Spat With Kid: 'Fists Got to Flying'

Daughter claims golden voice 'drinks a bottle of vodka a night'

(Newser) - How quickly golden-voiced homeless man Ted Williams went from celebrated comeback story … to scandalous Entertainment Tonight headline. Williams and his daughter went on the show last night to talk about Monday night’s run-in with the LAPD, which resulted in Williams being detained . Williams was in California for an... More »

Golden-Voiced Ted Williams Detained by Cops

Ted Williams got into shouting match with daughter

(Newser) - The homeless man with the golden voice , Ted Williams, was hauled to the LAPD for questioning after an alleged yelling match with his daughter last night. "LAPD responded to a disturbance call at the Renaissance Hotel at about 9 pm," a police spokesman tells the Hollywood Reporter . "... More »

Next Up for Ted Williams: Co-Starring With Nicholson?

The homeless man with the radio voice says he may go Hollywood

(Newser) - Ted Williams got quite a few job offers after his "golden radio voice" was discovered —but this could be the most exciting. The homeless man says one of his family members got a call from none other than Jack Nicholson. "They're supposed to be making a movie... More »

Airport Won't Let Man With 'Golden Voice' Go Home

Newly famous for his radio voice, Ted Williams still stuck in Ohio

(Newser) - Ted Williams, the homeless man with the incredible radio voice, may have job offers pouring in—but he can’t make it home to see his mom. Williams, 53, has been living in Ohio; after finding fame on the Internet , he planned to fly back to his childhood home in... More »

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