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Health Insurance Rate Hikes May Reach 80% in California

That's a cumulative increase of three hikes since October

(Newser) - Ouch. Blue Shield of California is requesting another rate hike to go into effect in May. Coming on the heels of two others in October and January, it would bring the cumulative increase in premiums to 50% for more for 45,500 customers and 80% or more for about 900,... More »

Health Insurer Tries to Jack Rates—59%

Blue Shield of California cites rising costs, new health care law

(Newser) - Blue Shield of California wants to jack up its health insurance rates a whopping 59% for individual policyholders this year, saying the increase is “absolutely necessary” to deal with rising health care costs and restrictions in the new health care law. Policyholders have complained to the state insurance commissioner,... More »

2 Stories