Cenk Uygur

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Al Sharpton Poised to Get MSNBC Show

Cenk Uygur leaves network, criticizes brass

(Newser) - The deal isn't official yet, but the New York Times and Los Angeles Times say Al Sharpton is all but certain to get his own show at 6pm EST on MSNBC. It doesn't come without a dose of drama, though. Sharpton won the job over the outspoken Cenk... More »

Ron Paul: Education, Medical Care Aren't Rights

They are 'things that you have to earn'

(Newser) - Neither education nor medical care are rights, Rep. Ron Paul told MSNBC—they’re "things that you have to earn." Host Cenk Uygur asked Paul whether the government should give "a helping hand" to a hypothetical poor child in his district who couldn't afford tuition, to which... More »

Ann Coulter: MSNBC Host Is 'Retarded'

Dilemma for Sarah Palin?

(Newser) - Is it time for "mama grizzly" Sarah Palin to maul yet another user of her hated R-bomb? This time it was conservative pundit Ann Coulter in a tweet: "Great video: head of GOProud interviewed by retarded person on MSNBC." That "retarded person" is MSNBC host Cenk... More »

3 Stories