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Salaries of White House Staffers

$172K is a common one

(Newser) - White House staffers have to take an unpaid day off starting with the May 1 pay period thanks to the sequester, and Politico uses the opportunity to round up some high-profile salaries. (It's not clear how many total days the staffers will lose.)
  • Jay Carney, press secretary: $172,
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White House, GOP Upbeat on Avoiding Shutdown

Boehner cites agreement with Obama

(Newser) - The next big budget debate—over money to keep the government open—shouldn't be as fraught as the last one, leaders say. "The president agreed that we should not have any talk of a government shutdown," John Boehner told NBC in an interview broadcast yesterday. "So... More »

Woodward, Sperling Make Nice

And Ann Romney wanted to go on 'Dancing With the Stars'

(Newser) - Bob Woodward and Gene Sperling took their much publicized spat even more public today, but appeared to put an end to it, with Sperling calling Woodward "a legend," and said legend inviting Sperling over to his house. "He's a peacemaker," Woodward said. "I am... More »

'Threat' to Woodward Wasn't Very Threatening

White House email released, pundits scoff

(Newser) - People took notice yesterday when Bob Woodward told CNN that the White House had warned him that he would "regret" his sequester comments , seemingly implying that officials had threatened him. Well Politico has gotten its hands on the email Woodward was referring to—and it's not terribly threatening.... More »

Schumer: Deal Isn't Quite Done, but 'Relief'

Guess what's on everybody's mind this morning?

(Newser) - The end of Congress' tortured debt ceiling machinations isn't here yet, but it's in sight, says top Democratic negotiator Chuck Schumer, while adding that "It's premature to talk about any specifics." Schumer emphasized to State of the Union that the deal will be politically difficult... More »

Obama Names Gene Sperling Top Economic Adviser

He's done the job before, under Clinton

(Newser) - President Obama named current Treasury adviser Gene Sperling as his next top economic aide today, taking over for Larry Summers as director of the National Economic Council, the AP reports. It’s familiar territory, the Los Angeles Times adds: Sperling had the same job under Bill Clinton, and he faced... More »

6 Stories