Andrei Lugovoy

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Litvinenko Murder Suspect to Run for Mayor of Olympic City

Lugovoy doesn't care if Brits skip 2014 Games

(Newser) - Russia fought hard to win the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, reports the Los Angeles Times, and now a second battle is heating up: the race for mayor of the Black Sea resort town, which is beginning billions' worth of construction. Among the contenders are a media magnate with a... More »

Litvinenko Wife Defies Brits, Demands Inquiry

Poisoned spy's widow wants to expose Putin's role in his murder

(Newser) - Alexander Litvinenko's widow calls for a public inquiry into the poisoning of the Russian spy in an op-ed for today's Times of London. Both the British foreign secretary and Scotland Yard have sought to dissuade her from petitioning for an inquest, saying it would prejudge a criminal trial against chief... More »

London-Moscow Relations Frigid Over Spy Flap

Russia won't extradite accused assassin; Downing St. talks tough

(Newser) - Relations between Russia and the UK have dipped to a post-Cold War nadir, the Times is reporting. The Kremlin refused yesterday to extradite Andrei Lugovoy, whom Britain has accused of murdering a former Russian spy in London last year. Investigators suspect that Moscow ordered the assassination of Alexander Litvinenko, an... More »

3 Stories