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Things Congress Talks About: Caribou Sex

Texas' Louie Gohmert says Alaskan pipeline is hot date meet-up

(Newser) - A Texas Republican congressman is adamant in his backing of the trans-Alaska pipeline, but not because of silly energy independence. No, we must keep the oil flowing for the sake of ... caribou romance. So argued Rep. Louie Gohmert, tongue perhaps in cheek, during a meeting of the House Natural Resources... More »

Alaska Pipeline Getting Dangerously Cold

It's shipping less oil, which lowers temperature and causes trouble

(Newser) - Northern Alaska isn’t producing as much oil as it used to, and that could spell disaster for the Trans Alaska Pipeline. The pipe now transports about a third as much oil as it did at its peak, which makes the entire process about five times slower. That in turn... More »

Alaska Pipeline to Start Up Again

Interim fix will allow oil to flow as bypass line is completed

(Newser) - Oil will begin flowing once more through the trans-Alaska pipeline, which has been shut down since Saturday . Approval was given yesterday for an “interim restart” of the 800-mile line, which will allow some oil to resume flowing through an alternative pipe while workers continue to build a bypass line... More »

Leak Shuts Alaska Pipeline, Oil Prices Jump

Will oil head to $100 barrel again?

(Newser) - Oil prices jumped this morning just two days after a major leak forced the shutdown of the 800-mile trans-Alaska oil pipeline. North Slope oil flow was reduced by 95% after the leak was discovered at a pump station there, said officials. Though the leak was contained, it's unclear when operations... More »

4 Stories