America in decline

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Wake Up, America, You're in Dangerous Decline

Fareed Zakaria: Our days of glory seem to be behind us

(Newser) - Fareed Zakaria is seriously worried about his adopted homeland of the United States. In a Time essay titled "Are America's Best Days Behind Us?" he makes the case that if they're not, they will be soon unless we wake up. The US may have been No. 1 for decades,... More »

Sorry, Naysayers, US Isn't Doomed

Rebuttal essay: Don't cherry-pick stats, look at the bigger picture

(Newser) - David von Drehle begs to differ with fellow Time writer Fareed Zakaria's gloomy view of America's future . These doomsayers have been around since the country was in diapers, and the modern ones love to "cherry-pick dismal statistics from here and there to create an overall image of decline,"... More »

Europe Dismayed by Stumbling, Gun-Crazed America

Shooting seen as sign of violent super power in decline

(Newser) - While Americans are wringing their hands, trying to make some sense of a senseless act, the rest of the world is shaking its head in dismay. To Europeans in particular, the shooting deaths of 6 people and the attempted assassination of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords is symptomatic of a gun-obsessed nation... More »

3 Stories