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Arlington Mix-Up Creates Another Unknown Soldier

Unidentified remains found in plot listed as vacant

(Newser) - Arlington National Cemetery has buried an unknown soldier for the first time since 1984 because of bungled paperwork. Workers burying a service member in Grave 449 in 2003 found human remains in the ground when paperwork had marked the plot as vacant. The plot was left unmarked until recently when... More »

Gigantic Dallas Stadium Will Host Super Bowl

Appallingly large arena to hold 120,000, wins bid for 2011 NFL championship

(Newser) - Dallas beat out Indianapolis and Arizona to secure the coveted hosting rights to the 2011 Super Bowl, largely due to the colossal capacity of the Cowboys' future stadium. The putative 120,000 seater could generate $27.6 million more in ticket sales than Indy's puny 73,000-seat venue. More »

2 Stories