Ron Reagan

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Palin: America on 'Road to Ruin'

Ex-gov kicks off centennial celebration of Ronald Reagan's birth

(Newser) - Sarah Palin thinks the nation's headed to hell in a handbasket, and the only way to save it is to get back in line with Ronald Reagan's policies, she said in a speech last night kicking off centennial celebrations of the Gipper's Feb. 6 birth. "This is insane,"... More »

Michael Reagan: My Brother Is an 'Embarrassment'

Conservative Reagan son attacks liberal brother for Alzheimer's claim

(Newser) - Ronald Reagan's sons are squabbling, with conservative Michael calling younger, liberal brother Ron "an embarrassment" and asking the public to "pray for my brother." The ruckus comes after Ron speculated in his forthcoming book that the 40th president suffered from the early effects of Alzheimer's while in... More »

Reagan Showed Signs of Alzheimer's in Office: Son

President might have suspected as far back as '86

(Newser) - People have speculated about how far Ronald Reagan's Alzheimer's went back since his diagnosis in 1994, but his own son now says that the former president began showing signs of the degenerative disease while in the Oval Office. In My Father at 100, Ron Reagan writes that while watching his... More »

3 Stories