Miss America Teresa Scanlan

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Miss America's WikiLeaks Answer Made No Sense

Teresa Scanlan gave a 'rambling,' somewhat incoherent response

(Newser) - By now you’ve probably heard of Teresa Scanlan, the 17-year-old Nebraskan who was crowned Miss America on Saturday. But you may not have heard that Scanlan's answer during the question category is one for the books . When asked about WikiLeaks—how to balance government security with the people’s... More »

Just 17, Nebraskan Wins Miss America

Teresa Scanlan takes the crown

(Newser) - There she is, Miss America: Teresa Scanlan can't legally vote, the AP notes, but the 17-year-old Nebraskan won enough to take the crown home to the Cornhusker state for the first time. "I want to be there making sure that I stand up for what's right, stand up for... More »

2 Stories