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Hey, America: We Have Too Many Teachers

Andrew Coulson believes education staffing increases have been wasteful

(Newser) - President Obama wants Congress to send more money to states so they can "rehire even more teachers" and help America educate its way to prosperity. But Cato Institute education guru Andrew Coulson thinks it's time to do the exact opposite. "America's public schools have warehoused 3... More »

California Can't Afford Teachers for $105M School

Meanwhile nearby high school badly overcrowded

(Newser) - California is just about finished building its new $105 million high school, which would be good news for the overcrowded Alvord Unified School District—if it actually had the money to run the thing. Instead, budget constraints are so tight that the district can’t afford to hire administrators, teachers,... More »

Lawmaker's 3rd-Grade Kid Writes Him Letter of Protest

'Please put the budget higher, dad'

(Newser) - A North Carolina state lawmaker has received some very personal letters of protest—from his daughter and her third-grade class. GOP Rep. Mike Stone’s daughter asks him to “please put the budget higher, dad” as the state weighs education spending cuts, reports the AP . “Our school doesn’... More »

Providence Board Votes to Terminate All Teachers

More than 700 gathered to protest

(Newser) - Those 1,926 pink slips will definitely be going out in Providence: After two hours of debate, the school board voted last night to send out termination notices to every public school teacher in the city. More than 700 teachers gathered to express their feelings: "disrespected," "bullied,... More »

Scotland Yard Seeks Student Protest Intel From Colleges

'Counter-terrorism' officer gathers info ahead of tuition protests

(Newser) - Big Brother is watching in Britain. Scotland Yard is contacting universities for all their intelligence concerning student protests ahead of expected demonstrations against tuition hikes and education cuts. A counter-terrorism officer has already contacted 20 London universities seeking "all pertinent" information, reports the Guardian . The email advises universities to... More »

5 Stories