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MTV Cancels Skins

Advertisers shunned show that depicted teens having sex, taking drugs

(Newser) - MTV has pulled the plug on controversial sexed-up teen drama Skins after just one season. The much-talked-about US adaptation of the British hit, deserted by advertisers under pressure from the Parents Television Council , never attracted a huge audience, although it outperformed MTV's other scripted show, The Hard Times of ... More »

Advertisers Ditching Too-Hot Skins

Wrigley joins Taco Bell and GM

(Newser) - The new barrier-busting MTV series Skins might not be child porn , but a mounting list of squeamish advertisers are deserting the popular show. The Wrigley Company has become the third sponsor to ditch the show, following the lead of GM and Taco Bell, reports the Hollywood Reporter . "Wrigley has... More »

Skins Isn't Kiddie Porn, It's Just Lame

Critic: Controversy detracts from bigger problem: 'lack of quality'

(Newser) - First things first: The MTV teen drama Skins doesn't dabble in child pornography, writes Jace Lacob in the Daily Beast. The scene in question featuring a teen boy's naked butt isn't even "remotely sexually suggestive," he writes, and thus doesn't meet the criteria for breaking indecency rules. (See... More »

MTV Fears Skins May Break Child Porn Statutes

Execs order scenes to be toned down

(Newser) - As creators bust boundaries with a raunchy view of teen sex and substance abuse in MTV's new program Skins , network executives are now worried they may be close to violating federal child porn laws. MTV executives have already ordered that some scenes involving underage teens be toned down, reports the... More »

MTV's Skins Sees Teens as 'Monsters'

Critics: New drama is heavy on sex and drugs, little else

(Newser) - MTV debuted its new series Skins last night, an American version of a British teen drama rife with sex and drugs. Not everybody's a fan:
  • Richard Lawson, Gawker : It goes even further than the Brit version in pushing the idea that teens are "messy jumbles of extremes with very
... More »

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