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Trump's Election Party Will Have Eye-Grabbing Cake

'He's definitely not paying for this'

(Newser) - While the outcome of Tuesday's election is important, of equal importance—at least according to the internet—is what's going on with this Donald Trump cake . The cake was photographed by ABC News' Jason Volack as it was being wheeled into Trump Tower on Tuesday. According to a... More »

Lawsuit: Deputy Sent 'Sorry I Tased You' Cake Pic to Woman

Michael Wohlers allegedly shot her with a stun gun for no reason

(Newser) - Sometimes a cake just makes everything worse. The Pensacola News Journal reports a Florida woman is suing a sheriff's deputy she says shot her with a stun gun then attempted to make it right with a questionably frosted cake. The lawsuit claims that in June 2015, deputy Michael Wohlers... More »

Ken Doll Cake Sparks LGBT Debate

The bakery co-owner felt the buttercream work was 'amazing'

(Newser) - A couple weeks ago, a group of friends that meets monthly for a dice game in Sacramento, Calif., decided to order a Ken doll cake for a birthday party. The recipient isn't transgender and the cake, which features a dolled-up Ken, wasn't meant to be political, but when... More »

Pastor Sues Whole Foods Over Cake, Gets Sued Back

Company says it has proof no anti-gay slur was written on cake

(Newser) - Whole Foods is taking claims that an employee wrote a homophobic slur on a custom cake so seriously that it's countersuing the guy who made them. Church of Open Doors pastor Jordan Brown, who is openly gay, sued Whole Foods on Monday after a video showed a cake from... More »

Walmart: Er, Sorry About the ISIS Cake

Retailer refused man's request for cake with Confederate flag, but not an ISIS one

(Newser) - Walmart announced last week it would no longer sell merchandise featuring the Confederate flag , but it never said anything about the ISIS flag. This fact has Louisiana's Chuck Netzhammer up in arms after the retailer refused to make a cake for him with the Confederate symbol on it—but... More »

Harvard Students Invent Cake From a Spray Can

The 2 students get a big thumbs-up from a Boston culinary star

(Newser) - For two Harvard University undergrads, what began as "an excuse to eat a lot of cake" may turn into the invention of a lifetime. John McCallum, a 20-year-old from Louisiana, was daydreaming about cake his freshman year during his “Science of Cooking” class when he happened to see... More »

Here's How You Should Be Cutting Cake

If you don't want it to go dry

(Newser) - At your next birthday, give yourself a present: longer-lasting cake. It turns out that the way we've all been cutting cake is causing it to dry out before it should. Fortunately, there's a (relatively) easy solution, and author/mathematician Alex Bellos is letting the world know via YouTube . It... More »

Gay Couple: Bakery Wouldn't Make Us Wedding Cake

They file discrimination claim in Colorado

(Newser) - Do you have a right to not bake a cake for someone? Or the right to not be discriminated against by cake bakers? That's the issue at hand in a Colorado discrimination claim. David Mullins and Charlie Craig went into Masterpiece Cakeshop hoping to get a wedding cake to... More »

Twinkies Should Return to Shelves by Summer

Hostess set to accept $410M offer for its cake brands

(Newser) - Looks like Twinkies have a new owner—and if all goes according to plan, the classic snack could be back in stores within months. Hostess has canceled today's auction for its brands and facilities and will sell them to Apollo Global Management and Metropoulos & Co., investment firms that... More »

Ikea's New Food Woe: Fecal Bacteria in Cake

China confiscates tons of it after testing

(Newser) - If you thought horse meatballs were bad, this might cause you to swear off discount furniture store eateries forever. Chinese health authorities have confiscated two tons of Ikea's almond chocolate cakes that were shipped in from Sweden after they tested positive for a high level of coliform bacteria—which... More »

Swede Minister Blasted for 'Racist Cake' Stunt

Controversial 'art' aimed to highlight genital mutilation

(Newser) - A Swedish culture minister is under attack for gleefully cutting into a cake made to look like a racist caricature of a black African woman. Lena Adelsohn Liljeroth defended the cake-cutting event, part of an art installation at Stockholm's modern art museum that was intended to highlight the issue... More »

Man Shoots Friend for Eating His Cake

Cake, not fries, sparked fight, Philadelphia police say

(Newser) - The City of Brotherly Love is no place to try to eat another man's cake. Police in Philadelphia say two friends were sitting in a parked car in the wee hours of Monday morning when the passenger began eating some cake that belonged to the driver. The sweets swipe sparked... More »

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