Mega Millions lottery

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Mega Millions Jackpot Hits $1B

There's a reason lottery jackpots have been swelling in recent years

(Newser) - If it seems like lottery jackpots are getting larger and larger, it's because they are. Friday night's Mega Millions grand prize has hit a staggering $1 billion, continuing a trend of giant jackpots. It's the second-largest lottery prize in US history and joins five other top 10... More »

As Drawing Looms, 2nd-Largest Jackpot Swells

Mega Millions nears the $1B mark

(Newser) - The Mega Millions jackpot has climbed to $970 million, inching ever-closer to the $1 billion mark. Officials raised the estimated jackpot Thursday for the second time due to strong sales ahead of Friday night's drawing. Reuters reports the numbers will be pulled at 11pm EDT. The prize is the... More »

2nd-Largest Lottery Prize in US History Is Up for Grabs

Mega Millions jackpot climbs to $868M

(Newser) - No winning lottery ticket was sold for the latest Mega Millions drawing, meaning the jackpot climbs to $868 million—the second-largest lottery prize in US history. The record lottery jackpot was a $1.6 billion Powerball prize won in January 2016. This time around, the jackpot has been growing since... More »

Mega Millions Jackpot Is 4th Largest Ever

$502M prize up for grabs Friday

(Newser) - The next Mega Millions lottery winner could take home the fourth largest jackpot in its history. No ticket matched Tuesday's six drawn numbers, meaning the jackpot climbs from $458 million to $502 million for Friday's drawing. It's just the fourth time the jackpot—last won by a... More »

First Mega Millions Winner Comes Forward

Ira Curry of Stone Mountain, Georgia, will take home $120M

(Newser) - The first of two Mega Millions winners has come forward: Georgia lottery officials say Ira Curry of Stone Mountain is the winner in their state, and she's opted for the cash option of about $120 million after taxes, reports the Atlanta Journal-Constitution . Curry, who did not appear at the... More »

Illinois Mega Millions Winners Unmasked

Retiree Merle Butler says he stuffed ticket in safe-deposit box

(Newser) - Nosy people of the world, rejoice! Illinois, unlike Maryland and Kansas , doesn't let its lotto winners remain anonymous, which means you can now know the face of a couple who are a whole lot richer, after stepping forward today to claim the third winning Mega Millions ticket. "It'... More »

Final Mega Millions Winner to Reveal Self Tomorrow

Illinois resident can't stay anonymous

(Newser) - The final winner of the record $656 million Mega Millions jackpot has come forward, and unlike in other states, the Illinois winner won't be able to stay anonymous. The winner's identity will be revealed tomorrow at a press conference in Red Bud, the small southern Illinois town where... More »

3 Maryland Friends to Split Mega Millions Riches

Each goes home with $34.997M after paying Uncle Sam

(Newser) - Mirlande Wilson apparently lost something other than her "winning" ticket (her mind?), because Maryland's Mega Millions prize has officially been claimed, and the riches go to three friends who work together in the state's public school system—where they say they'll continue to work. They'll... More »

Mega Millions 'Winner': I Lost Ticket

But Mirlande Wilson doesn't seem too concerned about finding it

(Newser) - You knew this was coming: Mirlande Wilson , who first claimed she won the Mega Millions lottery separately from her pool of co-workers, then said she hid the winning ticket at the McDonald's where they all work, now says she's lost the ticket. "I have no idea where... More »

Mega Millions 'Winner' Has Press Conference...

At which she tells press to 'go home'

(Newser) - Just when you thought the story of Mirlande Wilson , the Baltimore woman who may or may not have a winning Mega Millions ticket, couldn't get any more bizarre … she goes and holds a press conference to which she shows up late, spends most of the time toying with... More »

Mega Millions 'Winner': I Hid Ticket ... at McDonald's

Mirlande Wilson still insists she bought ticket on her own

(Newser) - The weird story of Maryland's supposed Mega Millions winner gets weirder: Now Mirlande Wilson, the McDonald's employee who said she wouldn't share the winnings with her lottery pool because she bought the ticket separately from her co-workers, claims to have hidden the winning ticket—logically, at the... More »

Mega Millions 'Winners' Just Dreaming: Officials

None of the 3 winners have contacted lottery officials

(Newser) - Despite the rumors flying in Maryland, Kansas, and Illinois, none of the three Mega Millions winners have come forward to officials, and people claiming to have won are probably just fantasists, say lottery administrators. The winners who will share the $656 million prize might not contact the lottery for days... More »

Maryland Woman: I Won Mega Millions

...and says $105M ticket wasn't part of co-workers' lotto pool

(Newser) - Not even three days have passed since the Mega Millions drawing , and already one supposed winner is embroiled in controversy: Mirlande Wilson claims she has a winning ticket, but won't split her $105 million share of the jackpot with the co-workers in her lottery pool. Wilson, 37, claims she... More »

Mega Millions Ticket Buyer Struck by Lightning

What are the odds?

(Newser) - A Kansas man who quipped to a pal that he was more likely to be struck by lightning than to buy a winning Mega Millions lottery ticket turned out to be exactly right. Unlucky Bill Isles, 48, was struck by a bolt of lightning in the backyard of his Wichita... More »

3 Winning Mega Millions Tickets Sold

Winners are in Maryland, Illinois, and Kansas

(Newser) - At least three lucky (and still anonymous) souls have winning tickets in the $640 million Mega Millions jackpot, reports AP . The winners were sold in Illinois (in Red Bud, near St. Louis); Maryland (in the Baltimore suburb of Milford Mill, reports the Baltimore Sun ); and somewhere in Kansas. California... More »

Mega Millions Up to $640M

... and counting

(Newser) - Mega Millions is up to $640 million, and there's still about six hours to go before the numbers are drawn. Officials figure Americans will have plunked down nearly $1.5 billion by tonight's 11pm drawing, reports AP . "This is unprecedented," says a lottery spokeswoman. Exhibit A... More »

Mega Millions: What to Do If You Actually Win

Wait just a minute before you call everyone you know

(Newser) - You're probably not going to hit the jackpot in tonight's $540 million Mega Millions drawing—but what if you do? First of all, if you bought a bunch of tickets with a pool of co-workers or friends, you might want to take a moment to write up... More »

No, You're Not Going to Win Mega Millions $500M Jackpot

You have a strategy? It won't improve your odds: mathematicians

(Newser) - Have some complicated algorithm you think will help you win the Mega Millions record $500 million jackpot? Sorry, but there's really nothing you can do to improve your odds … which are about one in 176 million, ABC News reports. Since the pool of numbers never changes (the first... More »

Lottery Winner Ordered to Share With Co-Workers

NJ man tried to keep all of betting pool's $38.5M win

(Newser) - A New Jersey construction worker who refused to share a $38.5 million lottery jackpot with five colleagues who chipped in for tickets has been ordered to cough up the cash. After winning the Mega Millions jackpot, Americo Lopes quit his job, claiming he needed foot surgery. His co-workers, who... More »

Marriott President's Son Wins $107M Lottery

Brian McCarthy is now a lot richer

(Newser) - In tough times, it's probably no surprise that sales of lottery tickets are booming across the country, as noted by USA Today . But a recent Mega Millions winner wasn't so down-on-his-luck to begin with: Virginia's Brian McCarthy, the son of Marriott hotels president Robert J. McCarthy, took... More »

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