Jack LaLanne

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How to Live to (Almost) 100

Do like Jack LaLanne did: Wake up early, skip lunch, and sweat

(Newser) - Jack LaLanne made it to the ripe old age of 96—and those of us with centenarian dreams could take a pointer ... or 10 ... from the fitness guru. The Daily Beast rounds up 10 of LaLanne's health habits worth imitating.
  • Wake up before the cock crows: LaLanne started his day
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Jack LaLanne's 10 Most Thrilling Fitness Stunts

Swim a mile while handcuffed, shackled, and towing a boat? No problem

(Newser) - Jack LaLanne, the legendary fitness guru who died yesterday at 96 , was known for his insane physical feats. Aol News rounds up his top 10 stunts:
  • 1955, age 41: Swam from Alcatraz Island to Fisherman’s Wharf—a distance of 1.23 miles—while handcuffed.
  • 1957, age 43: Swam the
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Fitness Guru Jack LaLanne Dead at 96

Exercised 2 hours a day well into his 90s

(Newser) - Television fitness guru Jack LaLanne died yesterday in his California home from respiratory failure due to pneumonia. He was 96. LaLanne, a self-professed "sugar-holic" as a child, was an advocate of exercise, raw vegetables, and clean living—and widely considered to be the father of the modern fitness movement... More »

3 Stories