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Scientists Confirm Shark's Virgin Birth

Virginia aquarium blacktip got pregnant without need for shark sperm

(Newser) - A blacktip shark at a Virginia aquarium got pregnant despite not having been around a male of her kind for a decade, the Virginian-Pilot reports. Scientists have long suspected that sharks, like some smaller vertebrates, could reproduce asexually but this is only the second confirmed case. Tests showed the baby... More »

Fake Cloner Stumbled Onto Major Stem Cell Find

Scandal overshadowed self-fertilizing eggs

(Newser) - The South Korean stem cell researcher who faked cloning a human egg and forged research results actually made a huge discovery without realizing it. Scientists reviewing his work have discovered that his team's embryonic stem cells were the product of unfertilized eggs that underwent parthenogenesis, or divided on their... More »

Shark Births Fatherless Baby

Female hammerheads can fertilize their own eggs, say scientists

(Newser) - Irish and American scientists, using new techniques, confirmed that a female hammerhead shark at the Henry Doorly Zoo in Nebraska gave birth to a pup in 2001— without having sex. A male tiger shark was suspected to be the father at first, but the team's genetic analysis shows no sign... More »

3 Stories