David Kato

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Sex Partner Killed Ugandan Gay Activist: Police

Officer sees 'nothing concrete' pointing to hate crime, gay activists not so sure

(Newser) - A Ugandan man beaten to death last week was not murdered over his gay-rights campaign, but was killed by a sexual partner, say police. But gay activists in the country have called for more proof amid concerns that the government would hide any homophobic element to David Kato's murder for... More »

Ugandan on 'Gay Hit List' Killed

Gay rights activist David Kato found murdered

(Newser) - A Ugandan gay rights activist whose name appeared on a tabloid "hit list" has been found beaten to death in his home. "He was killed by someone who came in his house with a hammer, meaning anyone else could be the next target," said a fellow activist.... More »

2 Stories