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Leaving Iraq, Petraeus Sees Gains as Fragile

Violence is down, but 'it's not durable yet,' says general

(Newser) - David Petraeus is leaving Iraq after 18 months, and by all measures the country is far safer than when he arrived. The "surge" of 30,000 extra American soldiers was bolstered by major domestic developments, from the Muqtada al-Sadr ceasefire to the rise of Sunni awakening councils. But in... More »

Petraeus Foils Senators Seeking Exit

General, Crocker continue testimony on Capitol Hill today

(Newser) - David Petraeus and Ryan Crocker head back to Capitol Hill this morning after a grueling day of testimony that was short on substance and clear goals, writes the Washington Post. Pressed repeatedly yesterday to describe what "conditions" they would like to see before recommending a troop withdrawal, the general... More »

Petraeus to Bush: Hold Troop Levels Steady

General's advice means significant drawdowns will be left to next prez

(Newser) - Troop levels should remain steady in Iraq once they return to pre-surge levels in July, Gen. David Petraeus told President Bush today. Petraeus urged a period of “consolidation and evaluation,” with monthly reviews of ground conditions—meaning Bush would likely leave major troop reductions to his successor, the... More »

Bush to Back Troop Cuts

His speech will add caveats to top general's plan, caution against quick pullout

(Newser) - Bush will back his top general by pulling 30,000 troops out of Iraq by next summer, the AP reports. But he will condition all cuts on future progress when he gives his speech to the nation this week. He will also echo cautions by Petraeus and Crocker against a... More »

General Walks the Party Line

Petraeus as concerned with selling the war as winning it, say analysts

(Newser) - General Petraeus appeared to be a mouthpiece for the White House in testimony that had no surprises and left many questions unanswered when he recommended no significant troop draw down from Iraq at least until summer, several analysts agree. Though he presented himself as just a soldier presenting facts, Petraeus... More »

Fear Rules Iraq, Briefers Tell Congress

Benchmarks not likely to be met, say Crocker, Petraeus

(Newser) - Iraq is gripped by widespread fear and is unlikely to fulfill political and security goals by the pivotal September assessment, US officials told lawmakers yesterday in a briefing from Baghdad. "One word I would use to sum up the atmosphere in Iraq is 'fear,' " said ambassador Ryan... More »

Brass Plan New War Strategy

(Newser) - US officials are quietly developing a plan to stabilize Iraq by neutralizing subversive and corrupt elements within the government, the Washington Post reports. The classified plan, still being finalized by Gen. David Petraeus and Amb. Ryan Crocker, shifts the focus of America's strategy in Iraq from military to political objectives. More »

7 Stories