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Tennis Star: George W. Bush Beer Bender Led to DUI

John Newcombe breaks silence on 1976 ticket

(Newser) - Mere days before the US presidential election in 2000, George W. Bush admitted to an old DUI arrest. Now the details of that beer-guzzling night are leaking out, the Sydney Morning Herald reports. "George was a bit of a party boy in those days," former tennis champion John... More »

Snooki Baby: Can You Spell 'Fetal Alcohol Syndrome?'

How hard has she been hitting the booze?

(Newser) - Let's hope Snooki sorta planned that baby she's reportedly carrying (stop giggling). Because if she didn't, that fetus has to be nearly swimming in booze by now. While Forbes is concerned about what's to become of the diminutive reality star's "brand," others are... More »

Sheen Burned Through Huge Cocaine Balls: Porn Star

And he 'chugs booze like water'

(Newser) - Just how far Charlie Sheen veered off the rails before his hospitalization last week has been revealed by yet another porn star pal, who talks of seeing cocaine chunks the size of tennis balls at the star's last bender. "I've never seen someone so self-destructive and able to take... More »

3 Stories