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Missing Explorer Who Once Ate His Dog to Survive Seen Alive

Benedict Allen not out of danger, but reportedly seen 'safe' in Papua New Guinea

(Newser) - In October he tweeted "don't try to rescue me, please," as he set off for the wilds of Papua New Guinea in hopes of reconnecting with the isolated Yaifo tribe. Now a rescue is exactly what UK explorer Benedict Allen needs. His family reported him missing when... More »

Peru to Make First Contact With Remote Amazon Tribe

Mashco Piro has been emerging on its own, a potentially risky move

(Newser) - A tribe that lives deep in the Amazon rainforest is about to get a visit from the government: Peru says it will take the controversial step of making contact with the Mashco Piro, reports Live Science . The government has a hands-off policy when it comes to such tribes because their... More »

Peru Struggles to Shield New 'Lost' Tribe

Rousted by logging and aircraft, members clash violently with outsiders

(Newser) - Peruvian officials are struggling mightily to shield one of the last "lost" tribes of its jungles. Members of the mysterious Mashco-Piro clan have been spotted along the banks of a southeastern jungle river popular with ecotourists. In two instances, tribe members have fired arrows at people in the area,... More »

Don't Be Too Impressed: Lost Tribes Not So Lost

Think of lost as a relative term, writes John Gimlette

(Newser) - It's tough not to be sucked in by the newly released images of a thus-far unknown Brazilian tribe. Travel writer John Gimlette, for one, was, but writing for the Telegraph, he can't help but be a wee bit cynical. After all, "it’s hard to believe that these days... More »

Brazil Releases Photos of Endangered Tribe

Illegal logging putting uncontacted tribes at risk, Brazil warns

(Newser) - Brazil has released photographs of a tribe living deep in the Amazon in an effort to draw attention to their plight. Tribespeople who've had virtually no contact with the outside world, some painted with vegetable dye and brandishing bows, are seen looking upwards at a government plane. The tribe lives... More »

Expedition to 'Lost Tribe' Lands Halted

Museum fears operation could threaten Paraguay's Ayoreo

(Newser) - A British expedition to a remote region of Paraguay has been halted to ensure that one of the world's last uncontacted tribes stays that way. The expedition from London's Natural History Museum had planned to search for new species of plants and insects in the Chaco wilderness, but officials feared... More »

Jewish 'Lost Tribe' Found in Africa

Ark of the Covenant may have been in Zimbabwe all along

(Newser) - An African tribe's claim to be descended from Jews who fled the Holy Land 2,500 years ago has been backed up by DNA testing. The Lemba, who live in South Africa and Zimbabwe, are largely Christian or Muslim, but they practice many Jewish traditions, including wearing skullcaps, eschewing pork,... More »

First Contact With Amazon Tribe

Warriors aim arrows at aircraft

(Newser) - One of the last remaining Amazon tribal communities yet to have contact with the outside world has been photographed from the air, reports the BBC. The photos show startled, red-painted tribesmen aiming arrows at the aircraft overhead. Members live in thatched huts near Brazil's remote Peruvian border. More than half... More »

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