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6 Ministers Quit as Morsi Rejects Army Ultimatum

On shaky ground, he opts to stick with 'comprehensive national reconciliation'

(Newser) - Mohamed Morsi says he wasn't informed in advance of yesterday's military ultimatum , that it "may cause confusion in the complex national scene," and he's not going to accept it anyway. The army said it would step in if the crisis wasn't settled within 48... More »

Egyptian Court: Military Cannot Arrest Civilians

Court overturns decree from earlier this month

(Newser) - The Egyptian army can no longer arrest civilians, a court ruled today. The court overturned a controversial government decree, issued before this month's presidential run-off vote, that gave the military such power. It's a blow for the military as it prepares to transition power over to newly elected... More »

Egyptians Again Pack Tahrir Square

Protest against military rule

(Newser) - Once again, thousands of Egyptians are protesting in Tahrir Square, this time against the military's power grab following the country's first free presidential election. Muslim Brotherhood members and supporters chanted, "Down with military rule," and are expected to be joined by secular groups later today. But... More »

Egypt Court Clears Doc of 'Virginity Tests'

Doctor had given forced tests on female protesters last year

(Newser) - An Egyptian army doctor who infamously carried out forced "virginity tests" on several protesters last March during the democratic uprisings, has been acquitted in a military court, reports the BBC . Samira Ibrahim, a protester who said she was subjected to the forced examination, brought legal action against the doctor,... More »

Egypt Warns of 'Iron Fist' After Religious Clash

Sectarian violence threatens democratic change in Egypt

(Newser) - Egyptian officials warned yesterday that an "iron fist" will enforce national security in the wake of violent clashes between Muslims and Christians in Cairo that left 12 dead and nearly 200 wounded. Some 190 people arrested will face military trials in a special "deterrent" against further violence, and... More »

Egypt Army Backs Mubarak

Military backs Mubarak plan; Obama says it's not good enough

(Newser) - Egypt's powerful military says it is supporting Mubarak's plan to hand over most of his powers to vice president Omar Suleiman instead of resigning, striking a heavy blow to protesters who called on the military to take action to push Mubarak out after yesterday's announcement. The news enraged hundreds of... More »

Rights Groups: Egyptian Army Torturing Protesters

Military accused of 'disappearing' hundreds

(Newser) - The Egyptian military says it is playing a neutral role in the protests rocking the country but the reality is very different, human rights groups tell the Guardian . Hundreds, possibly thousands of protesters have been secretly detained by the military and some have been tortured, the groups say. Some families... More »

Fresh Violence Erupts as Gunfire Rocks Cairo

Critics charge Mubarak with launching attack

(Newser) - New violence erupted before dawn today as Hosni Mubarak's supporters opened fire on protesters with automatic weapons, several news outlets reported. A stream of ambulances transported bloodied demonstrators from Tahrir Square as protesters chased down some of the attackers, witnesses said. At least one of the weapons was a heavy... More »

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