artificial blood vessels

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Scientists Borrow From Popeye for Heart Tissue Breakthrough

They use spinach leaf to create vascular network for beating human heart tissue

(Newser) - Popeye knew a thing or two about building muscle, maybe even more than we realized. Per National Geographic , scientists have appropriated the cartoon character's favorite snack—a spinach leaf—to help create new human heart muscle. In doing so, they circumvented a tissue issue that's plagued this type... More »

Blood Vessels Grown in a Lab

New technique grows vein safe for transplants that don't clog

(Newser) - Scientists have devised a new method of growing blood vessels—safe for transplanting into anyone, or for storage for up to a year—that could revolutionize heart surgery, reports the Telegraph . To create the veins, random donor cells are placed on a biodegradable scaffold, where they grow collagen; the original... More »

2 Stories