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Iraqi Journalist Kidnapped Hours After Criticizing Gov't Official

8 gunmen reportedly took her from Baghdad home

(Newser) - Armed men posing as members of security forces have kidnapped an Iraqi journalist from her home in Baghdad. Afrah Shawqi al-Qaisi, also identified as Afrah Shawqi Hammudi, was seized around 10pm Monday in the Saidiya neighborhood, say security officials. "Eight armed men burst into her house in Saidiya dressed... More »

Snowden Plans to Keep Your Phone From Turning on You

'Assume the phone is compromised,' says his partner

(Newser) - Smartphones can create a quandary for journalists, humanitarians, and activists in dangerous places where they are closely monitored: The devices are vital in terms of facilitating their work—and also exceptional tracking devices. It's not a plight to be taken lightly, as the Intercept makes clear with this example:... More »

Trump Says Reporters Are 'Not Good People'

Calls ABC News reporter a 'sleaze'

(Newser) - You'd think Donald Trump would be used to journalists fact-checking. But after questions were raised about the $6 million he claimed to have raised for veterans while skipping a Fox News debate in January, Trump slammed reporters Tuesday as "not good people" and called one in particular a... More »

Mass-Media Prof Asks for 'Muscle' to Remove Journo

Mizzou activists mob photographer, cameraman, tell them to leave 'safe space'

(Newser) - A University of Missouri photojournalist on freelance assignment for ESPN found himself in a confrontation with student activists Monday as they tried to ban him from the tent city they'd set up on campus in response to recent racial strife there, the New York Times reports. A tense video... More »

8 Other US Journos Killed Because of Work Since 1992

Today's victims bring the total to 10

(Newser) - Alison Parker and Adam Ward, killed this morning while reporting live , are the ninth and tenth journalists killed while on assignment (or because of work) in the US since 1992 by Poynter's count. It recalls the other eight, in part with information courtesy of the Committee to Protect Journalists... More »

Qatar Invites Journalist, Then Arrests Him

BBC reporter Mark Lobel says officials held his team for days

(Newser) - Curious about a career in journalism? Consider saving your trip to Qatar for later: A BBC journalist says authorities invited his team there and later arrested them for trying to see the conditions of migrant workers. "Our arrest was dramatic," writes Mark Lobel at the BBC . He says... More »

Uber Exec: We Could Drop $1M to Dig Dirt on Journos

Ride-sharing company's Emil Michael specifically targeted tech editor Sarah Lacy

(Newser) - First rule when you're an Uber exec trying to mend fences with the media: Don't blurt out you've been thinking about digging up dirt on the media. Apparently that was the strategy of Emil Michael at a Friday dinner in NYC, where he spouted outrage over a... More »

Why We Shouldn't Pay Ransom for Journalists

It would boost the risk for others: Thomas E. Ricks

(Newser) - Word is that a multimillion-dollar ransom might have saved James Foley, but the US doesn't fulfill such demands—and it's right not to, writes a journalist who's seen dangerous reporting firsthand. While it's a tragedy that last year, almost 50 journalists were reported killed in the... More »

Thanks to Spying, No One Talks to Reporters Anymore

Human rights agencies say sources fear being prosecuted

(Newser) - Journalists often face danger , compete with robots , and now may find their sources strangely mum: A joint report disseminated by two human-rights agencies today says that the US government’s relentless surveillance is scaring sources into silence and hampering lawyers’ efforts to protect their clients, reports the AP . The NSA’... More »

Philippines: Priests, Journos Can Carry Guns

Law relaxed for professions 'in imminent danger'

(Newser) - Pistol-packing priests may become a common sight in the Philippines with relaxed new gun laws that allow members of certain professions to arm themselves while at work. Journalists, doctors, nurses, engineers, and accountants will also be allowed to go armed under the law, which states that they are "in... More »

Why Assange Won't Face Charges: 'NYT Problem'

If the Justice Dept. goes after him, it has to go after media, too: officials

(Newser) - Looks like Julian Assange is in the clear, at least as far as US charges over WikiLeaks go. The Justice Department has "all but concluded" it won't press charges, officials tell the Washington Post , and a big part of the reason why boils down to what insiders are... More »

How Not to Tweet About a Tragedy

Jeremy Stahl offers the media some advice on Slate

(Newser) - In the wake of the Boston Marathon bombing, Twitter was flooded with breaking news—some of which turned out to be erroneous—as well as some journalists using that news to score political points. Journalism has been called "the first rough draft of history," and Twitter has become... More »

NBC's Engel Details 5 Days in Syria Captivity

Foreign correspondent and team were rescued yesterday

(Newser) - Five days after their kidnapping in Syria, an NBC News team has been "freed unharmed," the network says. "We are pleased to report they are safely out of the country." The release of chief foreign correspondent Richard Engel and his crew followed a firefight at a... More »

Reporter Sues Over 'Mock Kidnapping' at Gunpoint

She allegedly stripped, uttered 'last words'

(Newser) - Some practical joke: A pair of reporters kidnapped a prominent Kyrgyzstan journalist and put a gun to her head before revealing it was all just for laughs, the BBC reports. Now Nazira Aytbekova is filing charges against the reporters, saying they held her at gunpoint and made her strip to... More »

Journalists Face Taliban Threats Over Malala

Reporting has been 'biased,' say militants

(Newser) - The Taliban is threatening journalists over reports on the shooting of Malala Yousufzai—coverage the militant group deems "biased." Pakistani and international journalists are facing threats, a news executive tells the Guardian , which adds that one reporter in the Swat region is under police protection after his name... More »

Obama Not Ducking Real Journos: Rep

Stephanie Cutter calls soft media 'equally important'

(Newser) - Hey, Obama-haters: If his rep says Entertainment Tonight and the New York Times are "equally important," it must be so. That was Deputy Campaign Manager Stephanie Cutter's response to criticism that President Obama is ducking real reporters in favor of so-called "soft" media. "I don'... More »

Trapped French Journalists Escape Syria

Edith Bouvier, William Daniels arrive in Lebanon

(Newser) - After being trapped for more than a week in Homs, a pair of French journalists have been smuggled out of Syria. "Edith Bouvier and William Daniels are currently safe on Lebanese territory and will within moments be under the protection of our embassy in Beirut," Nicolas Sarkozy told... More »

Syria Deliberately Targeted Journalists

Army doesn't want the story to get out

(Newser) - Syrian troops had vowed to shoot to kill Western reporters when an American and French journalist were targeted yesterday, according to sources. Troops pledged to "kill any journalist who set foot on Syrian soil," the press was warned, reports the Telegraph . Marie Colvin, 56, and French photographer Remi... More »

'Dangerous' Nuke Plant Opens Its Doors

Journalists witness 'twisted metal, crumpled trucks'

(Newser) - Reporters toured the Fukushima nuclear plant yesterday, looking out a bus window at debris that still littered the site some 8 months after a tsunami and earthquake devastated Japan, the Guardian reports. One reporter described "twisted metal, crumpled trucks, large water tanks that have been dented and bent,"... More »

Journalists Freed From Tripoli Hotel

Five-day siege ends

(Newser) - Gunmen loyal to Moammar Gadhafi have freed the roughly 35 foreign journalists that they’d been holding hostage in the Rixos hotel, ending a five-day siege. The gunmen relented when they heard how things were going in Tripoli, according to Matthew Chance of CNN , who was one of the hostages.... More »

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