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Poll: If State Legalizes Pot, Feds Should Be Cool With It

But Americans still split on legalization itself

(Newser) - It's now legal to smoke pot while watching a Lord of the Rings marathon in Washington state, but questions persist over how the pot-prohibiting federal government should react. A new USA Today /Gallup poll clarifies how Americans feel about two of the biggies: Respondents remain split on the issue... More »

Congress Removes Word 'Lunatic' From Federal Law

It's outdated and offensive, say advocates of the move

(Newser) - You can say "lunatic" all you want, but you probably won't have the government's blessing. The word "lunatic" will be stricken from federal law under legislation that passed the House today and is headed to President Obama for his signature. "The term `lunatic' holds a... More »

Colo., Wash. Face Showdown With Feds Over Legal Pot

New state measures fly in face of federal law

(Newser) - Colorado and Washington state are now chill with citizens having a little pot—but the drug is still very much illegal in Uncle Sam's eyes, leaving states to chart a difficult path. When it comes to medical marijuana, the feds have tended to crack down on large operations and... More »

Senators Want 'Lunatic' Deleted From Federal Laws

It's an outdated, offensive term, says proposed legislation

(Newser) - Two senators have introduced a bill to erase the word "lunatic" from the federal code because the term is considered outdated and offensive, reports the Los Angeles Times . "Federal law should reflect the 21st century understanding of mental illness and disease," says Kent Conrad of North Dakota,... More »

Arizona Bill Would Let State Ignore Federal Laws

One local columnist sees it as secession-lite

(Newser) - Arizona state lawmakers are considering a bill that one local columnist says amounts to a de facto attempt at secession. The bill would allow the state to ignore any federal law lawmakers deem unconstitutional, reports KPHO-TV . It would create a committee—comprised of 12 state House and Senate members—to... More »

5 Stories