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Swift Fights the Good Fight Against Taylor Swift Porn

Snaps up 2 adult-themed URLs

(Newser) - Come June, .porn and .adult Web URLs will be available to the general public, just like .xxx sites went live in 2011 . But certain people and companies with trademarks were allowed to snap up .porn or .adult domain names early, and Taylor Swift registered both and More »

Publishers Howl as Amazon Seeks .Book Domain

Firm wants to snap up dozens of new names

(Newser) - A big expansion of Internet domain name suffixes is on the way and publishing industry groups are alarmed by's plans to get in on the action, the Wall Street Journal reports. The company is seeking to snap up names including ".book," ".author" and "... More »

Coming Soon to an Internet Near You: .Pizza

ICANN today reveals 1,409 new proposed Internet suffixes

(Newser) - ICANN today revealed the 1,409 suffixes that companies are clamoring to add to our Internet lexicon, and they run the gamut from .porn to .pizza to .paris, reports NPR . A number of companies got in on the action, with who-cares-about-brevity proposals including .lamborghini, .pamperedchef, and .bananarepublic. The 1,930... More »

Google to Fork Over $10M for Domain Names

More than 50 applications sent to body overseeing web expansion

(Newser) - Google has applied to become master of dozens of top-level Internet domains, including .lol, .docs, and .youtube. The total number of domains it has applied for—at $185,000 a pop—comes to more than 50, sources tell Advertising Age . The applications were made to the Internet Corporation... More »

Coming This Week: Dot-Anything

Domain name possibilities to explode on Thursday

(Newser) - The Internet is getting a makeover. Starting Thursday, the web will make a big step in moving way beyond dot-com , dot-net, and the like. For the first time since 2000, ICANN, the administrator of Internet addresses, will begin taking applications for a huge range of new top-level domain names. Now,... More »

Colleges Snatch Up .XXX Sites

Domain name makes Web debut at 11am today

(Newser) - Today is the day that .com starts to sound even tamer: The much more risque .xxx domain goes live at 11am ET today. Some 100,000 websites are expected to make their very adult debut at that time, and CNN reports on some of the upsides and downsides to the... More »

Domain-Name Bosses Approve Huge Expansion

Forget .com: we'll soon see sites ending in brand and city names

(Newser) - It's a huge day for the Internet: The organization in charge of online addresses has OKed a giant boost in domain endings, giving the green light to nearly any word in any language, reports the New York Times . The Internet Corporation for the Assignment of Web Names and Numbers... More »

Raunchy .XXX Debuts Online

First .xxx sites spring up despite porn purveyors' objections

(Newser) - The Internet's "red light district" has gone live, with the first sites using the .xxx domain name suffix making their debut. ICM Registry, the company tasked with running the new domain, says .xxx will only be available to the adult industry. For now, however, new sites like porn.... More »

.Love? .Nazi? Domain Name Suffix Battle Heats Up

Will it make surfing easier—or just more complicated?

(Newser) - In a matter of months, companies will have the chance to gobble up brand new domain name suffixes—and controversy is already boiling. In 2008, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers approved a plan to expand the selection of suffixes from the usual .com and .net to choices... More »

9 Stories