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Larry Summers: Winklevoss Twins Are 'A**holes'

Former Harvard president says he rarely encountered such 'swagger'

(Newser) - Just in case The Social Network didn't beat this point home for you, former Harvard president Larry Summers thinks the Winklevoss twins are "assholes." The brothers, who infamously sued classmate Mark Zuckerberg for allegedly stealing their idea for Facebook, went to Summers for help, but he dismissed... More »

Winklevoss Twins: Zuck 'Handcuffed' Us

Pity the poor übermenschen Harvard boys

(Newser) - Won't they ever shut up? The hunky Winklevoss twins—snarkily dubbed the "Winkle-vii" by Mark Zuckerberg—are grousing again about how they were ripped off when their Harvard classmate "stole" their Facebook idea (even though they won a reported $65 million settlement from Zuckerberg). Tyler and Cameron discuss... More »

2 Stories