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Bloodbath as Egyptian Military Fires on Tourists

Incident the result of mistaken identity, officials say

(Newser) - Mexican tourists and their Egyptian guides are among at least 12 people dead after what appears to have been a case of mistaken identity in Egypt's Western Desert resulted in a bloodbath. Egyptian officials say a joint military-police force was pursuing "terrorist elements" in the region when they... More »

Egypt's Military: We Secretly Cured HIV, Hepatitis C

For some reason, experts are skeptical

(Newser) - You, and pretty much every scientist in the world, may find this hard to believe, but a top Egyptian general says he has discovered a cure HIV and hepatitis C, along with a wand that can detect the latter virus from across a room. In a press conference on Sunday,... More »

Citing Snipers, Brotherhood Calls Off Rally

Defense minister says 'we will not stand by'

(Newser) - The Muslim Brotherhood today canceled a massive protest against Egypt's military, saying the move was prompted by "the presence of army snipers" positioned along the planned route in the streets of Cairo. Another protest march to the Supreme Constitutional Court was to go forward, reports al-Jazeera , and security... More »

Egypt Unravels: VP ElBaradei Quits in Protest

Security forces stage deadly raids; toll hits 149

(Newser) - It's been a bloody, chaotic day in Egypt:
  • Security forces raided two pro-Mohamed Morsi protest camps in Cairo, and reports of casualties are rising quickly. The country's health ministry now says 149 are dead and about 1,400 injured in Cairo and elsewhere, reports AP . The Muslim Brotherhood
... More »

10 Dead in Egypt Clashes

Security forces shot into crowd: sources

(Newser) - At least three people are dead in Cairo after security forces opened fire on supporters of the freshly-ousted president Mohamed Morsi, security sources tell Reuters . While an army spokesman says the military did not use live rounds, the BBC reports that forces fired at a crowd of Muslim Brotherhood supporters... More »

6 Ministers Quit as Morsi Rejects Army Ultimatum

On shaky ground, he opts to stick with 'comprehensive national reconciliation'

(Newser) - Mohamed Morsi says he wasn't informed in advance of yesterday's military ultimatum , that it "may cause confusion in the complex national scene," and he's not going to accept it anyway. The army said it would step in if the crisis wasn't settled within 48... More »

Egypt's Military: In 48 Hours, We Step In

But it promises not to be 'a party in politics or rule'

(Newser) - Protesters may say they want Mohamed Morsi out by tomorrow , but odds are he's going to pay a lot more attention to the ultimatum the military issued today, saying that if he and the rest of Egypt's political class couldn't resolve the protest within 48 hours, it... More »

Egypt's Morsi Preps Decree for Martial Law

Military warns of 'disastrous consequences'

(Newser) - With thousands of protesters still crying for his ouster on Cairo's streets, President Mohamed Morsi has prepared a decree to impose martial law, according to Egyptian media. Morsi hasn't issued it yet, but the order comes on the heels of the military warning of "disastrous consequences" if... More »

Egyptian Parliament Defies Court, Convenes

Court insists its rulings are absolute

(Newser) - Egypt's parliament answered President Mohamed Morsi's call and convened a brief session today, ignoring the Supreme Constitutional Court ruling that dissolved the entire legislature. Security forces didn't attempt to stop the gathering, but the court did issue a statement yesterday insisting that its decisions "are final... More »

Egyptian Prez: Parliament, Get Back to Work

Mohamed Morsi defies military but also orders early elections

(Newser) - Egypt's newly minted president today told parliament to get back to work—but warned that their power won't last, Reuters reports. President Mohamed Morsi's move flies in the face of military generals who disbanded the legislature after a court ruling last month. But Morsi also called for... More »

Egyptian Court: Military Cannot Arrest Civilians

Court overturns decree from earlier this month

(Newser) - The Egyptian army can no longer arrest civilians, a court ruled today. The court overturned a controversial government decree, issued before this month's presidential run-off vote, that gave the military such power. It's a blow for the military as it prepares to transition power over to newly elected... More »

Morsi: I'll Rethink Israel Peace, Build Iran Ties

Military, secularists involved in behind-scenes deal making

(Newser) - Mohammed Morsi's government will "reconsider the Camp David Accord," the 1979 treaty declaring peace between Egypt and Israel, the newly-elected president told Iran's state-run Fars News Agency today. Morsi was also quoted as saying that he wanted to build closer ties with Iran to "create... More »

Islamist Morsi Wins Egypt Election

Results announced by election commission give win to Muslim Brotherhood-backed candidate

(Newser) - Islamist Mohamed Morsi has won Egypt's closely contested presidential runoff election, the country's election commission said today in a protracted announcement that held an entire nation mesmerized, reports al-Jazeera . Morsi triumphed over Hosni Mubarak's last prime minister, Ahmed Shafiq, garnering almost 52% of the vote, reports the... More »

Egyptians Again Pack Tahrir Square

Protest against military rule

(Newser) - Once again, thousands of Egyptians are protesting in Tahrir Square, this time against the military's power grab following the country's first free presidential election. Muslim Brotherhood members and supporters chanted, "Down with military rule," and are expected to be joined by secular groups later today. But... More »

Muslim Brotherhood Confronts Military, Demands Power

Meanwhile, Ahmed Shafiq claiming he won election

(Newser) - The Muslim Brotherhood isn't taking the Egyptian military's power grab lying down. Today, it called for a "million-man march" to protest the new constitution, and said it would attempt to convene parliament, defying the Supreme Constitutional Court ruling dissolving it, the BBC reports. That could set up... More »

Egypt's Military Grabs Power After Election

As election results come in, military takes power from presidency

(Newser) - Egypt was thrown into turmoil yesterday, after Egypt's military issued a decree taking most powers away from the country's newly elected president. Muslim Brotherhood candidate Mohamed Morsi claimed victory over Ahmed Shafiq, Hosni Mubarak's last prime minister, in the country's first free presidential election, but just... More »

Egypt Primed for Revolution Again After 'Soft Coup'

Demonstrations called for after ruling hands power to military

(Newser) - All eyes are on Egypt today, after its Supreme Constitutional Court dissolved parliament , handing the military power in what many are calling a "soft" or "smooth" coup. "The court is not neutral," one Council on Foreign Relations scholar tells CNN . "It is very much part... More »

Egypt Election in Turmoil After Clashes Kill 11

Security forces do nothing to break up conflict

(Newser) - Clashes broke out in Cairo this morning between protesters railing against Egypt's ruling military council and people that those protesters described as "thugs," leaving 11 dead and more than 160 wounded. Reuters reports that the military's supporters were armed, and the New York Times says that... More »

Muslim Brotherhood Backs Egypt's Military—for Now

Islamist group won't call for immediate handover: interview

(Newser) - Instead of moving to quash Egypt's temporary military leadership, the Muslim Brotherhood is getting behind it, the head of the Islamist group's political party tells the New York Times . The military aims to maintain its appointed prime minister and Cabinet until the presidential election in June, but the... More »

Egyptian Women Rally in Cairo

Following Hillary Clinton speech in US denouncing their treatment

(Newser) - Hundreds of women took to the streets of Cairo today in a protest of violence against female protesters, and military rule in general, following a speech from Hillary Clinton denouncing much the same things, the Guardian reports. “Egyptian women are a red line,” they chanted. A few dozen... More »

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